My wife's valentine's day...

So, we were making plans of going to movie, have some fancy dinner and romantic night to ourselves from last month.I even made a reservation at restaurant. She promised she will tell her daddys that she won't be available on that day.
On Friday, her black daddy text her that his friends are in town and wanna spend sometime with her for the weekend. So, she planned to spend her Saturday night with them and come back on Sunday morning.
So, she prepared herself with most sluttiest dress. I dropped off her at her daddy's apartment.
Around midnight, She texted me that there are 7 black hung guys all above 8 in. she got fucked all the possible ways.
And, on sunday morning around 7.00, i text her that i am coming to pick her up but she didn't reply. so I thought she must be still sleeping. So, I drove there and go to his daddy apartment and knock the door. Her daddy come and open the door after few minutes of knocking. He told me to come inside and in the bedroom, she is getting dped. The whole room is stink with the smell of sex and cum. she is barely awake. her eyes were closed, her pussylips (or should i say cunt) were red with several rash, her ass cheeks were red from being slapped, her face covered with cum and one black guys face fucking her. I asked the daddy if she had slept and he said they been fucking her like a bitch the whole night and she been passing out a few times. He told me to go home or i can wait if i want.
They took turn, some guys cum. I tried to take some photo but daddy told me to stop it because his friends don't like it. One after another, they cum inside my wife's cunt, ass and mouth. At around 11.00 they were all tired and agreed to go have a lunch and told me to lock the door and key at the usual hiding place. I checked up on my wife, she smile at me when she saw me but she barely can move. I asked her if she was ok she said she is fine just need a few mins of nap. She nodded gently while closing her eyes when I asked her if i could cleaned up her mess. So, I lick the cum from her boobs, then her body and then I place myself between her leg. I felt sorry for her but at the same time i feel so turned on from completely used, destroyed and cum-filled cunt. I lick it sucked it, I savoured it for few minutes until my wife told me to stop because it's start hurting.
There are a few cum-filled condoms (4 to be exact) as well and i got an idea. (I will leave out the part where I played with myself. So pm me if you wanna know what i did.)
When she awake, i told her happy valentine's day and if she wanna make out with the cum from condom. she grinned. and then she opened two of the condoms and filled it inside her mouth and she showed me play with it and then we start making out. After that, we took shower and leave for the movies.

(To be continued)