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my wife's request

My wife wants to try anal for the first time but with my best friend.. and she wants me to watch. he is blk and from what I hear very well hung. She tells me that she had fantasized about him for a couple of times now. She says she wants her first anal expierience to be unforgettable and so what better way then to do it wit a bbc!..I have no problem with her havin sex with my best friend....its just that I thought that id be the first guy to give it to her from behind.! I love my wife and I want her to be happy ...I have thought about it and I think after it happens I will be ok..now I think I'm goin to give her the ok but I just want a bit of advice.....u guys think she will be ok or will it be too painful for her....is she ready ?


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Well that's up to the wife, bull and him. But I could never give up fucking Sarah her pussy is just to good and i love how loose it feels after a other cock has fucked her and my wife knows that.
Maybe you and the bull can take turns sharing her like a sandwich: one on top and the other on the bottom...and when you're both ready, she'll sit in the middle sucking you both off.
damn baby i would make your inferior hubby watch me stretch ur pussy as i make it mine, make him tongue u with my seed in ur mouth while i fuck u hard....