My wife's Queen of Spades pic


Who wouldn't recognize that sexy tattoo on that gorgeous body?! You are the most amazing woman on Earth and it's hard to imagine any open-minded guy who wouldn't give anything to be with you and wouldn't love to see every non-black girl emulated you. I know I'm very jealous of your husband! The only other permanent tattoo you guys are missing is the black baby!

Thank you for showing us our places in life, and thank you for using your pussy and camera to do it. And thank you for doing your part to end racism. When everybody's wife or daughter has a black baby and they are forced to look that innocent baby in the eyes, they will be forced to love those black babies as their own. Then they cannot be racist anymore.

Please keep up the good work, Harmoni! I will try to get every girl I date to breed black, with you as their inspiration!
Where do you get a temp tattoo...?
Thought I would share something my husband and I found. It's a henna tattoo kit. If you go to Amazon and search
Earth Henna EJ2-G Jagua Body Painting Kit

My husband and I really like it. Basically it allows you to apply any tattoo you want. We have had great fun with it. I put a spade symbol with the word sex above it and toy in the middle. Husband loves it. For as long as he wears it he is my slut to do with as I please.

He put a nice HOTWIFE tattoo on my right tit just above my bra. When I work you can't see it, but when we go out its totally visible. Makes for fun evenings.

They last about three weeks, which is better than the normal temp also. Just thought we should share.


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My wife has went back and forth about a real tattoo. Every few months or so she will said she wants to incorporate a Queen of Spades into a tattoo design or BBC into a tattoo, but then she changes her mind. lol. Maybe one day she will just get a wild hair and say screw it...lets go do it now! I could definitely see her doing that on an impulse. Or when I am traveling...come home to a surprise of a new tattoo.
There is a lot of discussion and posting of exciting pictures who have embraced the QoS lifestyle on the thread:

Come check it out with your wife as I'm sure it would help in convincing her the beauty of the body ink and all of the wonderful pleasure that will come from it.

image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg
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