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My wife's new friend


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We had to spend three months in the UK , work had found a flat in a block that was furnished , very nice area with plenty of thing to do . On the second day we met our friend ,he was 58 black and single ,made us very welcome and introduced us to local pub , by the weekend he was vertically a permanant visitor to our flat , in bed one night I asked Kim if she liked John her response was just what I wanted to here , so I told her I would talk to him.

John and I went to a football match so it was a good time to approach the issue , not surprised with his answer , he was thrilled that I would let him have my wife , I phoned Kim to let her know and asked her to prepare dinner as I was bringing John home.
John went home to change as I opened the door Kim came and hugged me , she smelt wonderful and explained she had been in the bath all afternoon, we got the flat ready for our guest dim lights and relaxing music , dinner was ready , then the knock on the door , John looked great he went right over to Kim held her and they kissed which lasted for ages I prepared drinks , I knew this was going to be a good night.
We sat and ate dinner we were all relaxed and enjoyed the night , moving to the lounge room John sat with Kim as I cleaned up the table , I looked in after a while to see John sucking on Kim's nipples she was just in her panties and John was kneeling between her legs sucking while removing her pants then went to work on her cunt his fat fingers were deep in her making her squirm , this 45 year old woman was in another zone John stood up removed his trousers to reveal his huge thick cock which Kim squeezed and grabbed it John was now telling her to suck him , it was liking watching a baby eating chocolate she couldn't get enough.
They explored each other for ages , watching a black man with a white woman is so erotic and when the black man fucks a white woman it becomes extremely erotic , John was so gentle while he fucked her at first then as she got used to his size he got faster and faster until he filled her with cum they held each other as he pumped his seed deep in her then as he came out John told her to clean his cock , Kim instantly went down on this huge black rod and sucked all the cum she could.
We all sat still for a while not saying a word, John spoke first , he thanked Kim and me and asked if he could do it again, we just burst out laughing , fuck yes Kim said and he kissed her.
Over the next few days John fucked Kim when ever he could , then one day Kim asked me if John could bring around a second guy , so we went to the pub to meet his friend.
He was very nice and a little younger than John around 36 and very fit .

The next night we went to johns place as we walked in there was an elderly man sitting watching TV we walked through to the end of the house where Simon was playing pool , Kim grabbed a cue and joined him , Simon was in shorts with not top on as Kim bent over to shoot Simon felt her ass , she missed he laughed and slapped her ass then kissed her , I heard him say John tells me you are a great fuck and I'm looking forward to give you my cock they kissed again.
John introduced me to the elder black man and I sat and watched TV

He asked me why I let black men fuck my wife I told him she like black and I get turned on watching her enjoy huge cocks , he smiled and said you need to see Simons cock she will struggle with his with that he switched TV channels , there was Simon with a white woman she was trying to suck his wow huge thick monster, the old man laughed see what I mean , I started to get hard just thinking about her taking Simon , he then said lets go a watch I want to see this woman of yours perform.

We sat and watched John and Simon fuck Kim in every position and yes it was wonderful seeing Simons huge cock go deep and open her up,she did struggle at first but managed to take the lot eventually , within the three months she fuck both men whenever