My Wife's First All Black Double Team part2

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Marcus slowly started sliding his dick in my wife's ass while Mike watched! My wife started moaning really loud while trying to suck Mike's dick! She turned around & looked at Marcus screaming all the while " OOOHHH FFUCCKKK!"Marcus told my wife "DON'T LOOK AT ME SUCK MIKE'S DICK"! Marcus didn't waist no time getting his dick into her ass. Mike all the while was enjoying my wife sucking him off while Marcus slowly started fucking my wife harder & harder in the ass. My wife started moaning LOUDER & LOUDER! Mike looked at his brother & said "POUND THAT PHAT ASS" Mike in the mean time grabbed my wife's head & started fucking her mouth hard! At one point she was choking on his dick! Marcus grabbed her by the hair & said "WHO'S YOUR FUCKING BLACK MASTERS NOW?" My wife screamed back at him & said "MASTER MARCUS & MASTER BIG MIKE!" Mike & Marcus looked at each other & laughed loud as HELL! Marcus said to my wife "YOUR GOING TO FIND OUT HOW MUCH OF AN ASS MAN I AM GIRL!" Her ass cheeks were bouncing all over the place. Marcus said to her "YOU'VE GOT A BLACK GIRLS ASS & ON A BAD ASS BLOND WHITE GIRL!" Marcus just kept ponding her ass & my wife kept screamimg for more!
Marcus finally looked at Mike & said "YOU WANT A TURN BROTHA?" Mike said "HELL YA!" Marcus pulled out & Mike walked around behind her. He grabbed some lube & lubed his dick up & slowly started sticking his dick in her ass. My wife screamed "OH MY GOD YOUR SO FUCKING BIG MASTER BIG MIKE!" Mike grabbed her by her blond hair & said " WHO'S YOUR FUCKING MASTER?" she said "YOU ARE MASTER BIG MIKE & MASTER MARCUS!" Mike looked at her & said "WHAT DO YOU WANT THE MASTERS TO DO TO YOU?! she said back "FUCK ME HARDER!" Mike started fucking her ass harder & harder & her big ass cheeks were bouncing like mad & her big ass tits were bouncing all over the place! Marcus looked up at Mike & said "TEAR THAT NICE WHITE PHAT ASS UP WITH YOUR BIG DICK BROTHA!" & they laughed together while my wife was screaming "FUCK ME MASTERS FUCK ME HARDER!" Mike loved fucking my wife's ass & he was getting into it pretty hard.Mike had a hold of her hips & you could here them slapping together loud as hell! Mike looked at Marcus & told him to stick his dick in her mouth to shut her up from screaming! Marcus walked in front of my wife & stuck his dick in her mouth and said "SUCK MY FUCKING DICK GLAMOUR GIRL!" They went on taking turns for about 45 minutes on her ass & then Marcus said "LETS DOUBLE FUCK HER!" Mike said "LET'S DO IT!" Marcus untied her bustier from behind & threw it on the floor. Mike layed down on the bed & she stradled him while Marcus took her in the ass.Mike said to Marcus "this pussy is soaking wet man!" My wife said to Mike, "that's from you'll making me cum so many times!" My wife grabbed Mike by the head & started french kissing him while Marcus pounded her ass while Mike was tearing her pussy up! Mike was sucking her big ass tits all the while! Mike looked up at Marcus & said, "YOUR GOING TO GIVE ME 2 BLACK EYES WITH THESE BIG ASS TITS BOUNCING ME IN THE FACE WHILE YOU POUND THAT ASS!" All 3 laughed together. My wife said to Mike "SUCK MY BIG TITS!" Mike grabbed ahold of those big beautiful golden tanned 40 DD's & started massaging & sucking the hell out of them! Mike after a while said "lets switch man" Mike & Marcus switched holes & my wife smiled real BIG! My wife looked at both of them & said "You'll two like this big ass don't you?" They both looked at her & laughed & said "HELL YA!" After about another 30 minutes of my wife yelling & screaming for them to fuck her HARDER & CALLING THEM HER BLACK MASTERS, they both said they were getting ready to cum. My wife said she wanted both of there dicks in her mouth to swallow there cum. They both stuck there dicks in her mouth one at a time & grabbed ahold of her head so she couldn't get away while she started choking on there cum! They both looked at her at the same time & said "HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY GIRL!"
After they got done, Marcus looked at my wife & said "I'll always get happy thinking about this baby!" My wife looked at him & said "YOUR ARE ONE AWESOME FUCK!" Then she looked at both of them & said "We're going to do this again sometime" with her big beautiful smile. They both looked at her & said "OH HELL YA !" & they all laughed together!
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