My wife's Black Bull told me he and his friends fucked my wife without condoms !

My wife's bull called me and told me he his his black friend fucked my wife for three days without using the condoms. And they all came in her Indian pussy. I am worry because we may end up with bastard baby !
It is not a bastard baby. You and your wife will raise that baby and you will treat it like your own. You should thank the bull for doing this for you. It represents the ultimate humiliation and submission to the black bull.
Ok...if all this is true here is my take. First of all like others have said the baby is not a bastard. Being black I have heard that said about many children especially black children and interracial children. Never use that word again in reference to the possible baby that may be born. Also, for those that live this lifestyle and go bare back like that there is always a chance of pregnancy and lets be truthful sex with a condom good for both but sex without the condom amazing. You man up and take care of the baby as your own...if not discuss options with your wife if she is pregnant, adoption is always an option also.

If this thread is real...the above is my advice.