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My Wifes Amazing Nanner Puddin:

She gets my blood pumpin everytime she comes home with bananas :) i can watch her for hours Doing what she luvs to do >>> CUMMMMMMM: Warning to those woman whod like to try it, trim the bottom end of all share edges before inserting & make sure you dont get any banana thats exploded up inside you. for those who use condoms & arent allergic to them, wrap it up, LOL. Enjoy :::. BO - Nanna 009.jpg BO - Nanna 040.jpg BO - Nanna 041.jpg BO - Nanna 043.jpg BO - Nanna 044.jpg BO - Nanna 053.jpg shes like a lil Energizer Bunny : she,ll go & go & go & go... makes my head spin sometimes watching her ;-). Post your playings Girls: but please no damn internet porn crap & photoshoped BS !!!