My wife wants to fuck bbc

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    My wife wants to try a black cock, she has only been with me. We have been together for 12 yrs. What shud we do?

    Here is a picture of her ass, u can comment on it, ill show her the thread later on.

    What shud she and I expect when she finally fucks someone else?
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    re: My wife wants to fuck bbc
    ....Mcwife, welcome to b2w; you give far too little information for anyone to give a serious response to your question. This is not a "one size fits all" topic. For some, this is just a fantasy to feed the imagination, but for others, its quite a sincere practice.
    .....General questions that come to my mine are ..
    #1- what the status of your relationship/marriage with her
    #2- who initiated this desire and why
    #3- are the 2 of you still enjoying sex with each other
    #4- have either of you ever experienced jealousy regarding the other
    #5- if you go through with it, have you discussed the parameters & rules (ie. your presents, dating, condoms, etc.)
    #6- she's expressed her desire, now what do YOU seriously want
    #7- are there any children in the house, and if so, how would you work around that
    #8- will this be a swinging relationship or a cuckold relationship
    #9- do you fantasy play any​
    .....I could go on and on, but my point is, this is totally new to the 2 of you ... neither of you having had sex partners outside your marriage. Suddenly she's planning to have sex with another man. It will change your marriage and relationship, and how each of you regard the other. When it comes to sex, specifically, I think each partner should desire/seek full sexual gratification for their partner. Maybe the 2 of you could attend an adult lifestyle/swap club and
    get to know some other couples who are experiencing sex with other people. But, definitely progress slowly, allowing each of you to adjust to what is going on, and be willing to pull back if either partner becomes a bit stressed.
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    You always have words of wisdom. We're lucky to have you here on b2w :)
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    Good luck with your quest
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    Well,if she likes it a lot, expect to eventually have a much reduced role in her sex life... Maybe oral only.. For her and if She has a regular bull, service of him as well.... Good luck, enjoy!