My Wife Wants To Chat with REAL White Wives


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I think she will get to have some good conversation and discussions w REAL women in here, as long as u guys show to be Real too ;) but anyhow here are lot of very good helping threads ;) good luck yall


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My husband has consented to a wifesharing lifestyle for a little over one year now, we started casually and luckily my first guy was a wonderful black guy with a great personality and an equally nice dick! We are not into the humiliation or the bisexual aspects that tend to satellite around this extra sexual entertainment...he just loves to watch me enjoy someone that he could never become and I get so excited when a black man finds me a turn on enough to make for a magical night!
Ok, so my wife said that she is thinking about coming on here herself real soon as she would like to talk to REAL white wives who decided to fulfill their husband's (and their own) fantasy of being with a black man. This is very exciting to me, but I am nervous as well.

Not nervous at all that she is wanting to take this step, but concerned that the women she chats with will be on the extreme side of this lifestyle (black ownership, leaving their husbands, humiliation, etc.). I dont want her to get scared off. We have a FANTASTIC sex life and I completely satisfy her and our marriage is absolutely wonderful. This is just a huge fantasy that we have discussed for years and she has always said she wants it to happen when the time is right.

Her idea of the right situation would literally be her and I out on a date night, meeting a nice black guy, chatting, drinking getting to know each other and having me there as part of the whole experience.

I just hope when she gets on here soon that she has the right conversations with the right wives that help her with her concerns. I love her so much and would never pressure her to do anything that she doesnt want and I would NEVER want her to do something like this only because she knows I want her to. That would not be fun for me. We are a very responsible couple but we definitely have a wild side. I think she would have a great time and really enjoy it if she can get her concerns out of the way.

Thanks for listening.
I just shared your post with my wife, Pam. Pam had her first BBC just over three year years ago, and after almost nine years of marriage. Suffice to say that the pleasure of blackening her virginity went to an old university friend and roommate of mine, Edwin. I won't repeat what we've already posted about that, and other experiences we've had since then, suffice to say NOTHING to date has surpassed that first experience! Edwin fulfilled his role in every respect. He's a true gentleman, well educated, handsome by any standards, athletic, caring and gentle (as Pam best describes him) and more importantly (to me at least) is extremely well endowed! (Pam measured his manhood, I think it was on the second night he took her, at almost 12 inches, and girth to match.) watching that black monster stretch Pam's smoking hot white pussy! Wow! Wow! Wow!

Sorry, I digress! Pam says for your wife to drop a private note to her, she'd be happy to reply!