My wife then girlfriend

I met my lovely wife in Germany I found out she was trying to get away from her abusive husband she had nowhere to go so I told her I would rent an apartment for her. My wife was in easy pushover for any man I was totally one of my buddies that I rented this apartment for my girlfriend when I told him her name he told me he was fucking her also.
Since I knew there was no way I can keep up with her I invited him to move in with us because we were 10 different shifts so he gave me fucking her while I was at work when he was at work I would be fucking her. But there was also several other men taken advantage of my apartment which I didn't mind as long as my girlfriend was available when I needed her.

When her divorce was final we got married my friend was the best man he also spent the first night with her. We were in an open marriage anyway so whoever was sleeping with her was okay by me. I marriage lasted 50 years so something must a been all right.