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The first time my wife went to meet a black man she told me it would only be for an intro and she would come home within an hour or so. By 3 am I was freeking out wondering what happened to her. I really underestimated the power a black man holds over a sex starved married white girl. Once home she told me that after a couple of drinks he just took her by the hand to her car and started making out with her. Within seconds he had her convinced to get in the back seat. A couple of more seconds later his hand was inside her panties finding her totally soaked for him. He told her to unzip his pants and she discovered his tru size. At that point she surrendered her body to him letting him fuck her, at first with a condom and then as he approached orgasm, with it ripped off. By the time he came inside her and all over her ass, she had been given 3 orgasms, all in the back of her SUV!