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My wife is having an affair with a black man

Hi all, I've recently discovered that my wife is having sex with a black man, but she doesn't know that I know yet. He is the parent of one the boys in my daughter's class, he moved his family into the area last year and started talking to my wife whilst they waited to pick up the kids on Fridays. I am in pieces about it, inbetween wanking like a 16 year old again.
Are you going to confront her about how you feel?
How do you know thats she's gettin black balled?
I first got suspicious when I overheard parts of a conversation she was having with a girlfriend on skype in the bedroom with the door shut, not realising I was upstairs. Then I remembered that she'd told me about a new parent at the school who was making her feel a bit uncomfortable as he'd come up and speak to her everytime, asking lots of questions. After a while, she didn't seem to mind so much and she would relay bits of information about his family back to me, but then she suddenly stopped mentioning him and that's probably when it started.
I got confirmation by doing the terrible thing of checking through her phone text messages, so I don't feel as though I can confront her with it. I'm not really in a state of being able to get my head around it at the moment anyway. I will probably just keep quiet and hope that it'll be a short term thing. The texts suggest that he's only interested in her for sex.
wow,you know what I would do is when you know she has been with him you should take her to bed as soon as you can,before she showers and wat her pussy and suck all that black cum out of her,then look up at her and tell her that you know what she is doing and smile at her and tell her to bring you more loads to eat out of her:mstickle: