My Wife is Back in the Black

After a few months of refusing to cuck me with other men and after a long discussion my wife is willing to try it again. We resolved some things that she was uncomfortable about and tonight we are meeting a black lover she has had several times before. I can't wait to see his big black dick back inside her and I know she is wanting it too.

More after the deed has been done.
Well, I don't know what advice I can offer if your girlfriend isn't willing. My wife was always sexually open even before we were married so it wasn't unusual for us to swing with another couple or for her to take a lover even after we were married. She did stop as I mentioned, but we were able to deal with the issues and are now back in the lifestyle. In fact, she has been fucked by one of her favorite black guys for the last two nights. If your girlfriend is not interested, you better leave it alone. If she just has some issues with it, then you have to discuss them and reassure her that you're good with her banging other men.