My wife doing it alone at last


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Since we ventured into BBC I have always been along for support , or she knows I will be there at some time , however it seems she is going solo.

Sam our friend must have convinced her to see him without me , which I am happy about , and i have discussed with Sam.

I am away a lot this curtain week I came home a day earlier or should I say a night , to find a car in my drive way hoping it was Sam , I parked down the street and entered my house from the back ally , siting at the dinning table was Sam and a younger black man , they had finished dinner and were chatting.

Sam then cleared the dinner plates while Kim was talking to the stranger , then Sam came behind her and rubbed her shoulders and opened her shirt to expose her very large tits and nipples inviting the other man to suck them which he did.

Sam stripped and held his cock for Kim to suck then told the other guy to do the same he stripped and was so fit and his cock was so long she devoured it and gaged ,I could tell he was not going to last long so did Sam he encouraged her to keep going and told her its your desert enjoy with that he exploded and shot cum down Kims throat he shudder several times then relaxed cum was everwhere.

Sam told her to shower while she was away I herd Sam tell his friend that she is ready for fucking are you.

When she came back Sam led her to the bedroom and they took turns fucking Kim to so many orgasms.

I eventually arrived home properly around midnight found Kim in bed fast asleep but so proud she is now solo.