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My white sister

Hello to everyone!!! I am totally new in the forum and i would like to share with you the reason that i enjoy here. I am 26 and i have a younger sister 20 years old. She is a sexy young girl, a girl that the big majority of the men would like to fuck. I often notice my friends when they come home to visit me how they look at her. I personally understand it and its normal to happen cause as i told before she is very hot. Lately i started to fantasize her having sex and me hidden somewhere and peep.
But the thing that excites me more is to fantasize her with a strong black man who is fucking her really rough and wild and who is forcing me to participate as a cuckold of my own sister.
Generally i have the opinion that all the sexy white sisters and daughters must fucked only by black men cause white men dont know how to fuck and the only thing that they are good is to serve black bulls.
Waiting for your thoughts and answers.
Thank you!!!
I have a similar fantasy, my sister actually dated a black guy who had kicked my ass, it really hurt me a lot emotionally, but then i always wanted to actually see and hear what they were doing when they were together.