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My white addicted women...


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As many of white women ask to serve me and behave like my addicted white submissive and obedient women, here is a tribune for them and for me to declare their feelings, the way they feel to be owned, the way they feel to abandon themselves to me, the way their husband feel, etc... it's a free tribune to express their deep inside feelings to be read by everyone and to officially declare their pride of being owned by me.
Hope they will be expressive... and sincere !
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It is a privilage to be one of your obedient submisive white women .I would do anything you asked me to my stunning black queen as would my besoted husband when we have sex he keeps telling me he wishes it was you he was fucking and i realy dont blame him for thinking that way because i wish it was you fucking me and not him

your white slave girl xxxxxxxxx