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My story

I'm telling this story for my husband because I planned this without his consent & MAN was it worth it!
We had been having some AC problems at the house & I checked around with a few lady friends of mine & this is the company they recommended & boy did I see why! My pussy is getting wet just thinking about it again! The week before this story I fucked the owner & his son & nephew in my first true gang bang, I mean with more than two guys, & LOVED IT! The owner
promised to bring his brother back a week later to double check everything & when I say DOUBLE I mean DOUBLE!
My husband was out of town on business & the kids were in school so I had our big ass house out in the middle of the country that my wonderful husband works so hard for all to my lonesome.The owner called me the day before & ask me when I would like
for him & his brother to come over & I said around nine would be great, he said they would see me then. My pussy was dripping wet thinking about the fucking I was going to give them! Both men are in there mid to late 50's & early 60's I would say.The younger brother is very athletic & built like a brick shit house. I got up & got the kids off to school & took my shower &
got ready.
I love to keep a dark tan & I must say with my bleached blond hair my husband & his friends always tells me how hot I look!Everybody always tells me how hot I look in red so I felt like this was a very good occasion for it. The smell of leather makes me EXTREMELY horny so I felt like this was the prefect occasion for this new leather bustieu that I just bought that my
40DD's stick out of the top. I had just went & got my long blond hair permed the day before & had them paint my nails red as well. I had bought some new red platform high heel shoes to go with my outfit. I put on some bright red lip stick as well as some big hoop ear rings. I must say, I'm a FUCKING whore & love to get fucked like one so I love to dress up & look the part.

The door bell rang & I walked down the stairs & opened it to two awesome looking older black men. The oldest is about 6"4" tall with salt & pepper hair, he's about one of the blackest men I've ever seen. His brother is the best looking of the two & man does he have a way with women. I welcomed them in & walked them into the living room while I walked in front of them wagging my big 39" assets. I sat down on the couch next to the younger brother. He looked at me & said " I heard that you wanted us to look at your AC?" I looked at him & said "does it look like I want you to look at my AC?" He just looked at me & laughed. I asked them both "could I get you a glass of wine?" & both said "yes". As I got up & walked by them both I wagged
my ass for them as I walked to the kitchen I brought them both back there glasses & handed them to them. I bent over to pour there wine & to show them my beautiful 40DD tits & 39"perfectly round ass.I said "lets make a toast" & we all raised our glasses & I said "to good service" & we all toasted & took a drink.I sat down on the couch next to the younger brother. I
looked at the younger brother & said "your brother tells me your an ass man"? He replied "yes". I then said to him "I love a BIG BLACK DICK in my ass, do you think you can handle that"? He said "I bet you you'll never forget this experience"! That response for me won him an Academy award, because I LOVE a man who can talk shit to me! I bent over to him & started french
kissing him & MAN could he fucking give it back! He took his hands & started running them through my hair & then he took his rather large hands & started rubbing my tits just like I love it really nice & slow & massaging them which really turns me on! I love a man that knows how to handle a woman & he DEFINETLY knew how to do that! We slowly kissed & he just slowly took
his hands & massaged me all over.I leaned back & he sucked my tits nice & slow!He finally reached over & pushed the coffee table out of the way & worked his way down in between my hips & kissed me all in between them. I just about came for him right there. He would look up at me while he kissed them & that DROVE ME CRAZY because I could tell he loved to please a
woman by the way he did that! He then took the tip of his tongue & slowly worked it with my clit! I was going stir crazy because most men want there dicks sucked before they take care of a woman & little did he know, he was making me want to SUCK THE HELL out of his dick! He ate my pussy the way I LOVE IT, nice & slow! He slowly worked his hands around to my ass cheeks
& massaged them while he ate my pussy. I finally looked over at his brother & he just sat there with a big grin on his face! Me in the mean time was flat loving this foreplay! I was rubbing the top of his head & loving him watch me while he ate my pussy! I was grinding my hips into his face while he finally stuck his tongue all the way in my pussy & man did he have one
long tongue! I felt like he was touching my tonsels with it! He started getting faster & faster & I started sucking my tits because I was going crazy! I thought if he's this good at foreplay, what's he like when he fucks? Finally I came all over his tongue & man did I scream! I wrapped my hips around his head & squeezed him till he almost sufficated! I looked down at him & said "I'm going to make you pay for making me cum like that"! He looked at me & laughed & then he grabbed me by the ass & pulled me further off the couch & started rimming my ass & THAT drove me insane! I started screaming in ecstasy as he rimmed my ass! He was SO DAM GOOD at it! I started screaming "DO YOU WANT TO FUCK MY FAT ASS"? he just laughed at me while he kept
sticking his tongue deeper & deeper in my ass & my eyes just rolled back up in my head until finally I came again! I finally pushed my self away from him enough to get up & I got down on the floor with him & started french kissing him again. I slowly started unbuttoning his shirt & started stroking his dick through his pants. I was ready to suck the hell out of his dick for
all that he had done to me! We stood up together & I was bitting his lip & sucking it while I undid his pants. When I undid the button, his pants fell straight to the ground & I felt like I got hit by a bowling ball. I looked down & HE WAS HUGE & he wasn't even hard all the way yet! I looked back at him & he just smiled! I almost came again looking at the whale dick he had
& thinking I'm going to love this while dancing around in my mind. I dropped to my knees & took it in my hands & slowly started kissing the end of it. I grabbed him around his abbs & pushed him down on the couch. I positioned him on the couch so that he could watch me suck every fucking inch of it. I slowly started sticking it in my mouth & worked my head up & down on
it while I watched him with a BIG grin on his face while he just layed back & watched me. He grabbed my hair & held it back I loved how he rapped my hair around his hand & put a little pressure on it! That just told me he was a man that wanted to control things. I watched him with my eyes & showed him how much I LOVE TO SUCK A DICK! I was bent over in front of him with my fat ass all up in the air for him. I love to show off for a man & make him want to pound this blond pussy. I asked him "Do you love Dirty blondes" & he said "YES"!
I forgot about his brother & all the sudden I felt this tongue in my ass! I turned around & big brother was on his knees behind me licking my ass. I love it when I have one behind me with his tongue in my ass & a dick in front of me to torcher! I really started sucking his dick then because big brother was driving me crazy! Little brother was moaning & I was moaning right along with him! I took little brothers big dick out of my mouth, which was fully hard now & spit all over it & then stuck it in between my tits & jacked it off. Little brother had let go of my hair, which for him was a big mistake because now I was in control. I took one of his balls in my mouth & sucked it while I jacked him off. He was screaming "GOD GIRL YOU CAN SUCK A FUCKING DICK" & I was screaming as well because big brother had his tongue up to my tonsils in my ass! His dick
looked like a NEON sign because it was glowing from all the slobber all over it!Finally little brother got ahold of my hair again & pulled my head back & told me to "STOP BITCH, I WANT TO FUCK YOU"! That turned me on because I could tell he was going to take control. I stopped & looked at both of them & told them to follow me. I grabbed them both by the hands & pulled
them up & led them upstairs to my big King size bed. Little brother took his hand & rapped it around my ass which fucking really turned me on, then he took his finger & started rubbing my asshole. Big brother slapped my ass & said " girl your going to regret this tonight " & I just laughed!
We got to the bedroom & I got on my knees in front of both of them & took off big brothers clothes & then stood up & told him to lay on the bed as I did that little brother started kissing my neck from behind & massaging my tits. I grabbed his big pecker & stroked it up against my ass & rubbed it in between my ass cheeks. He then took his finger & stuck it in my mouth &
then started sticking it in my ass. I grabbed him by the back of the neck & started chewing his tongue off! This made me HOT as hell because I knew what was coming next! Big brother started sucking my tits! I LOVE GETTING double teamed by two HUNG studs! I slowly started sinking to my knees. Little brother immediately dove his tongue into my ass & massaging & slapping my ass cheeks while big brother was sucking & massaging the hell out of my tits. The big brother stood up & grabbed my head & threw his dick in my mouth!He was hung like a horse & HARD as a rock! Little brother stood up & spit on his dick & started feeding his dick in my ass. Big brother looked at little brother & said "I'll keep her mouth shut while you ram her ass"! Big
brother grabbed me by the back of the head & started forcing his dick deeper in my mouth while little brother started feeding my ass with his big dick! He knew how to stick his dick in an ass because he slowly took his time, I screamed "OH MY GOD YOUR DICK FEELS GOOD IN MY ASS"! He looked at me & said "DAM GIRL YOU HAVE AN ANAL MACHINE". I took big brothers dick out of my mouth long enough to say " I LOVE A BIG BLACK DICK IN MY ASS" while slapping it against my face!He said back to me "I heard you had a nice ass girl & BUT this is one FINE ass"! I just looked back at him with his brothers dick in my mouth & laughed
at him. Big brother took me by both sides of my hair & pulled them together & slowly started fucking my mouth. There's nothing that I like better than getting fucked in the ass & sucking a dick at the same time!Both men were controlling me & I LOVED IT! He finally got his dick all the way in my ass & then he started working it in & out with more rhythm. I started looking up at his brother showing him my eyes & watching him having a hard time standing while I sucked his dick! His brother was starting to get a good rhythm in my ass & I was really enjoying it! Big brother finally layed back on the bed & by then I was worshipping his dick as if he were a KING! He looked down at me & said "D these big fucking tits look good bouncing back & forth"! I looked at him & said "TELL YOUR BROTHER TO POUND MY FAT ASS" while slobber was running out of my mouth all over his soaking wet dick! Big brother waisted no time in telling him! I was smiling at him as his brother was pounding me. It turns me on when a man starts pounding me from behind & I can hear our hips slapping together! I started screaming "HARDER
YOU BASTARD HARDER"! He reached around & grabbed me by the tits & was pounding me harder & harder! He was lifting me off the floor he was hitting it so hard! I was having a hard time staying in one place as well because I was sliding across the hardwood floor so he grabbed me even harder by the tits which really turned me on!By then big brother pulled his dick out of
my mouth because he was getting ready to cum & he looked at me & said "OH HELL NO GIRL, I'M HITTING THIS TO", I just smiled back at him & grabbed ahold of the bed pushed back & enjoyed the ride. I looked up in the mirror at his brother while he was fucking me. I screamed at him "LOOK AT ME IN THE MIRROR" he looked at me & said "YOU LIKE THIS BITCH" & I said " I LOVE IT "!
By then he was starting to wear down & I looked back at him & said "GIVE YOUR BROTHER A TURN". He pulled out & I grabbed him by the hand kissed him & stroked his dick & sat him on the bed. Big brother bent over behind me & licked my ass again! I screamed "OH GOD I LOVE THAT"! After a little bit he stood up & stuck his dick in my ass. I looked at his brother & licked my
lips & then took his dick in my mouth & smiled up at him! My ass was good & loose by this time so big brother gave me what I wanted & POUNDED MY FAT ASS! Little brother was layed back on the bed while I sucked him off, all the while I was enjoying seeing myself getting man handled in the mirror! I could see my ass cheeks just bouncing back & forth & those big 40 DD's
bouncing all over the place with my hoop ear rings! Big brother had me by the hips with his eyes closed & I screamed at him "LOOK AT ME"! He didn't realize I could watch him. He grabbed me by the hair & said "IS THIS WHAT YOU WANT YOU FUCKING WHORE", I said no "I want you both in me at the same time"! I stood up & he pulled out. I got his brother by the hand &
pulled him off the bed. I got on my knees in front of them. I pulled the string on my bustier & pulled it off showing my awesome golden body. I kneeled in front of both of them & took there dicks in my mouth. Taking turns on each one while they massaged my "BIG FUCKING TITS" as they called them! Finally I told big brother to lay back on the bed in a position so that I
can watch myself getting fucked in the mirror. As he got up on the bed I straddled his head & made him eat my pussy which was dripping all over his mouth because I was so hot from all the orgasms I'd had already. Little brother came around in front of me & sucked & massaged my tits! After a while I grabbed little brother by the head & asked him "Do you want to fuck me in the
ass till you have come running out of it" & he said "OH HELL YES GIRL"! I took my pussy out of his brothers face & slowly sat on his big dick! He grabbed me by the tits & fucking worked himself into me! Little brother stood behind me while he looked at me enjoying his brother. I turned around & looked at him & said "Don't you want to stick that dick back in my ass"? I bent
over & his brother started french kissing me while his little brother stuck his dick in my ass. I WAS FUCKING IN HEAVEN! I don't know how but both brothers had there hands around my tits & they were taking turns stroking me. I could tell they had done this together before & they were in perfect harmony! I finally told them to look in the mirror & watch us fucking as a
team! Big brother looked upside down at himself & us & laughed. Little brother said "YOU OUGHT TO SEE THE VIEW OF MY BLACK DICK IN THIS FINE FAT ASS"! I looked back at him & said "do you like my white ass" & he pumped me real hard & said "WHAT DO
YOU THINK"? Both let go of my tits & looked at each other & I said "WELL THEN FUCK ME LIKE A FUCKING WHORE, I DOUBLE DARE YOU"! They both started pounding me & I was screaming at the top of my lungs. My tits were beating the older brother in the face & he couldn't stop them because he was trying to hold me around the waist so he could pound me! Little brother had ahold of my shoulders just pouring it to my fat ass! I was not only enjoying the feeling of both dicks I was enjoying watching myself getting man handled by these two beast. Finally both said they were going to cum & I told them to cum in me. At one time we all screamed as we all hit our orgasms at once! We all fell over on big brother & he sucked my tits for a little bit while had he them layed in his face.
We all layed there for a little bit while I played with there dicks & I told them I want them to fuck me some more. Both looked at me in total exhaustion. I got up & took a shower while they just layed on the bed.I got all decked out again & walked around in a Beautiful Black Leather Bustier with my tits hanging out of these straps with buckles all around my neck with black platform knee high boots & fish net thigh high stockings. I put on some black lip stick & really black eye liner!I put my hair up & wore some LONG dangling ear rings!
I then fixed them lunch & then fucked them again after lunch, but that's another story because that took a GIGANTIC TWIST
that I'll tell in another story!
Well I guess after reading this my husband will find out about my SEXCAPADE while he was away!I've been rubbing my pussy while telling this & have had a couple more orgasms telling it!