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My story

part one:
since an early age - as young as i can remember - i was attracted to women how has flings and their stories give me weird feeling in my stomach, i live in very conservative community in a middle eastern Muslim country ruled my religion and tradition, and rare to find the extreme of this lifestyle, any way i had no adventures until late 20s, i studied out side my country and i achieved well in my career.
i met (let call her Mona) she is a woman who is trying to be divorced in a cafe some where in the middle east but not in my mother country, she was with her two kids and they really making loud noise around, she was sitting with her lawyer, but the kids was very naughty in the classy cafe, i stopped the kids and start to play with them to give the other customers some minutes of quite and let other do the same with them just to handle the kids, any way no body did and i spent my evening baby sitting the kids.
and when the lawyer leave the mother came to my table and thank me and ask me if it was ok to sit i said its ok and then one chat led to another we decided to meet again, we met 3 or 4 times then she asked if it was ok if she came by to my place and take her launch with me because i told her im a very good cook.
the next day i made every thing i can do in the kitchen and waited for her coming she, she came with her kids and you can imagine what a bachelor place look like (i'm very arranged person) any way i got the mother in the bed but because i used to watch porn i couldn't do what i was suppose to do. :(
after one hour of trying we abandoned the idea and it was so embarrassing, any way he played and for the first time i got full access to a woman body. i licked every inch of it. i worshipped the feet and the pussy then we kissed for 15 minutes she loved my tongue tricks more than my lame dick.
then when she lift, and never called for days, i called her and arranged another meeting and i was planing to till her i will be her man for every need. any waas she came we did the same as the last time, and more things i was planing to win her heart, it offered to shave her pubic because she was hairy and i did i pulled every hair in her legs and i kissed her feet with passion.