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my stepD and her black boyfriend

I've never written anything on this forum. I did write in the old cuckold forum though.

So a brief history... my stepD has been dating blackmen only for years now. btw, yes, she's over 18. Her current boyfriend she's been with for several years now of and on. I've caught her sucking him and I've secretly watched while she rode him and he cummed on her.

Well they never did use protection and it was just a matter of time. Sure enough she's been pregnant since December. Monday I was off from work because of the holiday. They didn't know this. Sure enough I hear the front door open/close and then they were up in her room. I can quietly climb half way up my stairs and have a direct view of her room and bed. I couldn't believe what I saw. Her boyfriend was sitting on the bed and she wasstanding with her back to me infront of him. She was just pulling her top off. She was standing there in only her panties. With her breasts swollen from the pregnancy she wasn’t wearing a bra. He must have been sucking on her tits because I could her a smacking noise. Both his hands were cupping, squeezing and spreading her ass open. She pulled his shirt off and then quickly started to take his jeans off as well. He stood up while she lowered them down to the floor. I soft moan escaped her when his dick sprung out from his boxers. She then got down on all four in front of him. He sat back down and she was buried in his crotch. It was a beautiful sight to seeing her little stretched panties trying to hide her puss. He held her head while pushing his hips back n forth. I could hear her slurping on his black dick. He told her to take her panties off and she quickly yanked them down to her knees. In the position she was in I could see her swollen puss and her belly and tits were hanging down in view. My mouth just hung up at this unbelievable sight. I was so shocked that I didn't notice right away the he could see me. He just smilled at me and kept going. He had caught me peeking before and knew I never would say anything. His pace kept picking up and she was struggling to keep pace. I could hear her gag and choke every so often. He would pause for a moment while she coughed a few times. What was amazing was every time she coughed her puss would pushout and spread a little more. The way he controlled the whole situation was incredible.
He finally stood up, grabbed her by the arm and helped her get up off her hands and knees. He told her to get on the bed. She climbed right onto the bed and was on all four. The view was even better. He sat next to her so I had a clear view while he probed her swollen puss with his fingers. He was getting her hotter and hotter. Each time he would push two fingers in her she would moan and push herself back against his fingers. She was getting so wet. He finally had enough of either giving me a show or was just ready for more. He stood behind her and must have been rubbing his dick against her. Her moans got louder each time he moved his hips around. Then he asked her, "what do you want" She quickly responded and said "I need you in me." He then asked, "you need what in you." Between pants she responded, "I need your big black daddy dick." He turned his head toward me and told her to say it again. This time she said it louder , "I need your big black daddy dick in my puss." Then he asked, "who's puss." She responded and said "yours, it's your puss." I could feel my own dick in my pants pushing against my jeans. I was hard as a rock and my dick was beginning to throb.
He pushed deep in her and she took it all with only a little yelp. I think this was also the point where she had her first orgasm. She was shifting around and her breathing was more erratic for a little bit. He continued pumping in and out of her to no end. His pace was like an animal. She was grunting and panting and I could hear him slapping against her body. He kept up the dirty talk as well. Telling her to get it and complimenting her on how wet and hot her puss was. All of this brought her to another orgasm. I thought he was going to cum soon but then he stopped, pulled out and then laid on the bed next to her. He told her, “come and get it.” He pulled her on top of him and she climbed up on him. While straddling him she reached between them and guided his still hard wet dick to her puss. Once the head pushed in he thrust up while her breath escaped her and she sat right down on him. At first she was grinding herself into him. Her hips were moving around like wild and she said she was cumming again. Once she started to slow he pulled her in close to him so they could kiss some more. The way she was positioned on him I could see everything. Her ass was parted and I could see her little hole. It was obvious that he had filled her there before because it wasn’t puckered but had a little openness to it. Her swollen puss was stretched around his shaft and must have been really wet. His shaft was glistening from her puss and his balls looked wet too. She was know rocking her whole body back and forth and rolling her hips each time she sat all the way down on him. He grabbed her by the ass, spread them further apart and starting thrusting up each time she came all the way down on him. She would grunt each time he did this. He was commenting to her how much she must love getting her puss fcked by his black dick. She would just respond by saying, “fck this puss nice and deep. I need all of that big black daddy dick.” Shortly there after he started really push up inside her and telling her here it comes. She picked up her speed and after a few more thrusts he buried himself in her and I knew he was cumming deep inside her. She was shaking as he thrust a few more times in her. She stayed on top of him trying to catch her breath and recover. When he rolled her off of him to his side his soaked dick fell out from her puss. For a brief moment as she lifted her leg over him I could see right into her now stretched puss. Her whole puss was bright pink and had sticky cum all over her lips. He got up and looked at me again. He smilled and then said, “you remember I said I was gonna take that sweet fat ass too.” She replied in protest and said, “but you came already.” He then turned to her and said, “I bet your mom wouldn’t complain if I took her ass instead.” Before the statement even sunk in with me she quickly responded and said, “by the time you’re hard again I’ll be ready.”

He went off into the bathroom and I quietly went back down and into my office. I had to share this story and figured this was a safe place to do so.