my sexy wife loves to show me how hot she is

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself Here' started by cooly79, Jan 31, 2013.

  1. cooly79

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    i love to watch my wife fuck and suck other men---we travel often and live n los angeles
  2. one4unu69

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    I find it so funny that people or should I say husbands on here always wants to get there wife fucked, but never answer the questions. What's the fucking point of you asking us to Fuck your wives? If you want it that bad, then give them up. Well take all of them! I'm just saying.
  3. blackmeat

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    Without the "colorful" language, I find it funny that members, especially husbands who supposedly want to "offer their wives to suck BBC", and do not follow the Site's Forum Rules, as this gentleman has, violating #17 of the Site's Rules. Cooly79, you can not make a thread first, you MUST make a contribution to an existing, current thread before you create a thread or make a "request" thread.

    Thank you for you future contributions of posting photos of your "sexy wife" in some of our hundreds of easily-searchable thematic threads and for your cooperation!

  4. NowADaze

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    That was a long time ago...