My Second Time seeing my wife getting fucked

Hy all of you. Im Happy. My Wife and her bull allow me to Watch them for the Second Time:). We Meet him on friday.
I am Not that nervous like last Time and looking forward to this.

First Time i was in the bathroom and came in when they already fucked.

Our Plan for this Time is, that i am there from the begin on. Last Time i watched from the corner. This Time my wife wants me more Active. She wants me to undress her for her bull etc.

Does someone has some ideas how i can Surprise my wife and her bull in something i could do for him/her which makes them enyoing my presence even more?
Would be glad for some ideas. Thx and Greetings cocksly
Your presence is can highten their pleasure by not interfering them..please your wife to relax before and after. Shave her, make sure she has sexy outfits...dildoes lube restraints towels are ready and easy available. Camera is ready yet in place where it wont disturb anybody..your dressed in your casual wear and if so wearing trousers and adress bull as sir and make sure you have multiple beverage and offerings to him as ready and can ask how would. They love you perform or option is that your wife is kneeling ass towards the door baked when he arrives..oh forget condoms size large right.


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cucksly ... your wife's probably comfortable with you being present because she's use to you, but, her black lover probably isn't as much, not that he might care. But, I can imagine that IF I were servicing another man's woman, with the husband sitting and watching, I might feel a bit uncomfortable. So, you might want to focus some attention on reassuring her 'bull' that you appreciate his servicing your wife so well, by "thanking him" and asking him if there's anything you can do to make his visit more pleasant. Doing this, in front of your wife, will also reassure your wife that what the 3 of you are doing is a good thing. It'll help everyone relax, and make the sex even more creative and exciting, I'm sure.
Cocksly, I think it's great when cuckolds get involved. I think it's hot that you want to undress your wife for the bull. You should explore your deepest darkest fantasies.

Perhaps you should hold your wifes hand in a supportive and caring way while she is having sex with a black man.

I saw a video of a cuckold couple and in the video the husband is holding/hugging and kissing his wife while she is getting fucked by a black man. The wife and the cuckold are completely naked with their bodies rubbing against eachother. The video is super hot, the couple looks like a very loving couple.

There is no male to male contact. You should always discuss what you like and what you don't like before meeting with the bull.

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