My rant about pushy obnoxious white men.

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    I know we are not the couple that have this problem. But here it is.

    We like to get out and go to a swinger party in another city every now and then, we get a room for the weekend so we can play before or after the party. We will post an ad in the travel section of a swinger website and craigslist. The parties are normally 95% white so on craigslist we specify in the headline Black men only then in the body we again say black only mail from white men will be deleted. We also in the 1st line say please read the whole ad before responding. At the end we put a word or phrase that should be put in the subject so we can filter spam and also see who reads the whole ad. Normally we post several recent pics of both us one with a paper or something with a date to prove they are recent.
    We specify no one under 30 because she does not like young men unlike lots of women.
    We ask anyone responding to send their stats, sexual likes and dislikes ETC....
    We say that we are from out of town and if they can not meet on the day we say and the times that they should not respond because we will not be in town to meet. I also say that I will not be able to answer emails until later that night so not to expect an answer till we get to the hotel (the reason for that will come in a minute.

    It never fails, in the 1st couple hours we will get 50 or more responses. I open the ones with the word or phrase I ask for 1st and Lots of those will fit what we ask for, so I save them to let her answer after she looks at them.

    There is always a few white men in these that always say something similar, like how they are perfect but they are white and we should invite them anyway because of whatever they think they are good at which is most the time giving women oral. Those are set aside for me to answer later.

    The next group which is well over half of all responces. They fall into a couple areas.
    1. A one line generic response
    2. nothing but a dick picture
    3. young 18-25 yo white that want to get with an older woman,
    4. White men that send some info and a pic
    5. responses that have everything answered but no race and no pic. Some of these are legitimate reasons for not sending a pic so I answer them and get info and will sometimes have them come to the hotel and walk around the pool at a time and she will go meet them if they are what they say but if they are white they can walk all night and never see us except one time when a white and black both showed up at the same time. They knew what she was wearing and were close to each other, she liked the looks of the black man and went to get him, the white guy saw her walking towards him and smiled a shit eating grin because he thought he got by us without saying he was black, He walked to her and tried to say something but she walked by him like he was not there and walked up to the black man and grabbed him and gave him a big kiss and whispered what was going on with the white man. they walked by him and the black guy smiled at him and made a lewd motion and pointed at her and at himself. The white man turned very bright red mad as hell but was not brave enough to say anything. He left after standing there for a few.
    6. Ones that ask to meet in the middle of the week or next weekend always white
    7. these are the nasty creepy perverts that may send a pic and are gross or their responses are well creepy.
    I always respond to the ones that did not match saying in a nutshell that they waisted their time emailing because they did not read the whole ad. Or if they read the ad and knew they did not fit what we wanted I ask why they would answer knowing they did not fit. I also tell them that we sometimes bring her friend with us and she does not like black men and when we post an ad for white men, no black men answer it but the same guys above always do along with the few that read the ad and sent pics etc....
    Some of them apologize and admit they did not read the ad and a few will say they had saw our posts before looking for white men and some we even met they saw the pics and emailed without reading.

    Then the assholes come out and get mad and the woman they wanted to meet 2 hours ago turns into a ugly nasty slut that they would not want near. Soon after these mails come another email from Craigslist follows saying the ad was flagged down (this is why I said it will be a few hours before I answered)
    Then there are a few that keep emailing trying to talk their way in saying anything you can think of almost to the point of begging, These are the guys that are single for a reason. I also tell most them all that when we are back in a few weeks with the other woman wanting white men that they may as well not answer because we figure if they did not read this ad or thought they were special, and I put them on a Blacklist and will not meet them even if they were perfect.

    Now the last group of white assholes, these are the ones that answered an ad looking for a white man and seemed OK but experience has taught us not to give a room number, we always have them meet in the parking lot or stand where we can see them. Some will be 20 years older than they said, some are dressed in dirty clothes and some smell. One guy smelled so bad we almost gagged, this was before we started screening them and he would not leave when we told him she changed her mind. he said he was told he could play and he left his ballgame and drove 40 miles. I ended up giving him a friendly shove and let him see the pistol in my shoulder holster.

    We may have been lucky but every black man we have met has been exactly what he said he was, they are more respectful and have always been freshly showered and dressed nice.
    I am white and can not understand these men, I would never consider answering an ad and lie to get my foot in the door. I know not all white men are this way and there are black men out there that act like the white ones. That group of men are the ones that give all single men a bad reputation.

    I almost forgot the ones that when turned down their racist side comes out and say some choice things about the black men. Here is the good part, I email them back reminding them I have their phone numbers, email addresses, and/or pictures and that I am sure that the local black men would want to know how they feel. That gets an apology out of most but there are some that dare me to do anything, I forward it to a few black men and CC the white men in on it.

    End of My Rant. We had so many assholes yesterday, it was crazy, if I did not know better I would think it was a couple guys just spamming me but they were real.
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    LOL, so true, not exactly same experiences, but the one liners or 4 words and dick pic always get tossed by us. If they cannot read the ad that is fine, we wont be nice and even return the email giving them the chance to try and start conversation. We also do not require a body/face pic at first, as we know it can be dangerous as they do not know who they are talking to as much as we do not know. Eventually we get that or meet up and see how its going to work out. I wish guys would read this. The one liner of HI, here is my dick get old. Need to see who you are and what you bring to the table besides that.
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    A past gf and I know of that all too well lol. On a different website for adult meets, her and I made a profile and specifically say we are only looking for Black men. Well those White guys just had to try and keep pushing us. After a few rejections they get all pissed off and start insulting us. We would just brush it off, but yeah it was very annoying.
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    Part of the reason is most peepz r not ready to accept that times have changed..This whole black white thing is prolly gonna go on til the end of time. Perfect example is, look at the president..I believe in treating people the way you wanted to be treated no matter what race they are..
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    Well, I certainly hope that "rant" makes jessieinesttn feel a lot better. Appears to me that some of the issues mentioned are of his own complicated "conditional" undoing. It might help to simplify the instructions. Besides, people read & hear what they want to read & hear, not what is actually written or said. The "conditions" became more blurred the more I read it, however, I do occasionally have a short attention span, so sayth my wife. There's a much simplier way to meet the desired people they wish to meet without screwing around with craigslist, too. ;)
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    My ex and I never used Craigslist for meeting men and I wouldn't ever try it. We always used adult pay sites to find men since people tend to be more serious when they have to dish out money to meet others. Don't get me wrong, I have met one guy off of here who was real and very pleasant, but a lot of fakers are on here too.
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    We use craigslist from time to time and it's always frustrating. Besides the age difference, we could have written your post word for word. Sifting through 300 emails in a few hours is ridiculous. It would be fine if they all fit the clearly state criteria in the ad... but 90% will be white males.

    Every time we post we start with "We are looking for BBC..." and we end the ad with "BBC ONLY PLEASE. MUST BE HUNG AND CLEAN WITH PROOF." With all capitals for emphasis. The usual "I'm white but hung." or "I'm hung but I don't have a test." or our favorite "Hey you still looking?".

    How hard is it to read?

    Thankfully, every BBC we've met off CL has been a blessing. Always who they say they are, age wise, size wise, experience wise.