My Old Friend's wife.


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I was kind of late to the whole social media craze. I just didn't have time for it, and I always thought, what's the big deal? Finally, about a year ago, after a lot of nagging from by brother and sister, and purchasing a my first Iphone, I gave in. I opened up a Facebook account, and through my siblings, I found a lot of my old friends that I hadn't heard from in years, especially my old high school classmates. Befor I kne it, I had over 100 friends and I was catching up with a lot of people from the past. Then one day, about two weeks after I opened my account, I got a friend request from a guy I used to play Baseball with named Matt.
He was one of my best friends, but he went into the military and we lost touch.
I had no idea he was married, and had been back in town living and working for over a year, he stayed on the North side, and I stayed on the southside.
We exchanged numbers, and he invited me over to have dinner with him and his wife.
I went over and was impressed at how well he had done, both financially and romantically.
He and his wife were living in a huge 5 bedroom 4 bathroom house, with 4 luxury vehicles between them.
He was an investment banker, and his wife was Physicians assistant.
We had a great meal, and laughed and talked, and after dinner, his wife excused herself to let us talk alone.
"You've got a good thing going here" I told him " You're paid and your wife is fine as hell"
"Yeah" he said, "I guess"
"You guess?" What the fuck does that mean, look at this place" I told him
"The money's fine" he said," but... well I shouldn't be telling you this"
"No go ahead" I told him, "maybe I can help"
"Not unless you can make my Dick bigger" he said
"UH... What the fuck are you talking about?" I asked
"It's Shannon, we've been having problems in the bedroom, She says she need more and that I'm just not satisfying her." "WOW" was all I could say "Have you guys tried any kind of therapy?" I asked
"NO, NO" he saud, getting more and more agitated " NO more therapy, we went one time, and I felt so emasculated. She told the therapist that she only married me, because she didn't realize how much she needed sex." "She told him that even though I was the only man she had ever been with, that she had seen movies and talked to her friends, and that she knew I was small, and way too quick on the trigger"
I tried to muffle a " You think this shit is funny?" NO NO" I said not holding the laughter back anymore, well maybe just a little", "oops I guess I shouldn't have said little huh?"
"Fuck you D, I though you were my friend" " I am, calm down"
"I just don't know what to do, If I can't satisfy her, she'll leave and I'll just die"
'No you won't, she's just a woman" I told him
"No D, she's my wife"
I felt horrible for him.
I asked him if I could use his bathroom, he told me I'd have to use the one upstairs because the one downstairs was broken.
I went upstairs to the bathroom, and closed the door, I guess I didn't lock it, because I rally had to go, I had been holding it while I was listening to him talk about his marriage trouble. I hurried up and pulled out my Dick just in Time. AHH, Whew, that felt so much better I held my head back and let out a long ass piss. All of a sudden I heard a female voice say" Did D leave?" I snapped my head forward and turned, and Matt's wife was standing there with the door open looking stunned, with her jaw on the floor. I wondered what the problem was when I noticed where she was looking.
"OH SHIT" I said, quickly putting my dick back in my pants in zipping up "I'm sorry" " No" she said I ...I I'm the one who's sorry.. I.. I... OH my" she closed the door and went down the hallway. I hurried up and left the bathroom and went back down stairs. See ya Matt, "what's wrong" he said "Nothing, I just have to go" I told him, "I'll call you later"
On my way home, I kept thinking about how bad I felt for Matt, I also kept thinking about his fine ass wife. You know, I thought to myself, sh stared at my Dick for a long time. Oh well she was probably just surprised.
A few days later, Matt called me and said he need to talk to me. I wondered if this was about his wife seeing my Dick, surely he had to know it was an accident.
He asked me to come over later that night, he said his wife would be out and we could talk.
When I got there, he looked real nervous and worried, like he hadn't slept in days.
"My wife says she saw your dick" He blurted out
"Come on, you know that was an accident" I told him.
"I know" he said pacing back and forth, "but ever since she did, it's all she can talk about"
"She keeps saying how big ad thick it was" "What?" I said
"She keeps saying that's the kind of Dick that could satisfy her, the kind of Dick that could make her stay"
He said it as if he was begging "What are you saying ?" I asked him
"look" he said " I know this may seem weird, but better you that some stranger"
"My wife wants to fuck you, and I just think it's better if I know you're doing it and she stays, than her doing it with a stranger behind my back and she leaves me.
Shannon was fine, 5'2 about 105 pounds, nice perky tits, and a nice ass for a white girl, with red hair and blue eyes and nice sexy lips.
"I don't know "I said
"Why don't you know?" I looked up, and his wife was coming downstairs in a tight white tanktop and some tiny red thong panties
"Don't you ant to fuck me?"
I was shocked, because he said she wouldn't be there.
She walked over to me and started rubbing my chest, then she put her hand down my pants and grabbed my Dick.
"OH SHIT" I said her hands were tiny and cool, I loved the way they felt on My Shaft.
"OH SHIT is right" she said "This thing is huge"
"It's OK D, Matt wants me to be happy, and Your Dick can make me very happy"
She was stroking it, and I was getting hard.
I looked at Matt, and he had his head down.
"Please D" he said, "just do this for me"
"Yes D PLEASE" she said
She took off her tank top and slip out of her panties, now she was standing in the living room butt ass naked, looking at me. All of a sudden, seeing this fine piece of white ass naked in front of me, I forgot all about Matt. I took off my shirt and told her to come pull my pants down as I stepped out of my shoes. She smiled and walked over to me and pulled down my pants and Boxers, when my Dick came out, she laughed and said" OH FUCK, IT'S SO LONG and Thick . I was standing there Butt naked, Dick Rock ass Hard. She got on her knees and grabbed my Dick. "It's so much bigger, The head alone is bigger. I looked over and saw Matt sitting on a chair with his head down. "Look at all the veins and how thick it is" she said"
"Suck it" I told her .
She put me in he warm mouth, first the head, then a little more."Don't play with it suck it" I said
I grabbed the her on both sides of her head and thrust deep into her mouth, she tried to take it, but gagged, I put more in her mouth, she gagged some more, choking on the length of my meat.
"Are you Ok?' Matt asked
"She's fine" I told him, " She sounds like she's choking" he said.
I took my dick out and let her breathe. "I'm fine, I'just not used to anything this Big"
He looked hurt, I tried not to laugh but I couldn't help it.
"This funny to you?'
"Actually it is" "Just relax" I told him. "maybe you shouldn't watch"
"No" he said
"He has to" Shannon sad " he needs to see how a woman is supposed to be fucked"
I put my Dick back in her mouth, making her take it all until my nuts were slapping here in the chin. She gave great head, she used lots of spit and made it real sloppy, she juggled by Balls in her mouth and kept telling me how delicious My big black balls were. She used both hands t stroke me when her jaws got tired.
I could feel it building, she was sucking my Dick and told me to give her my hot cum down her throat.
"OH FUCK I"M FINNA NUT" "SHIT" I started cumming shooting hot thick loads into her mouth and onto her face. I was halfway soft, and still in her mouth. "Suck me back hard" I told her, she kept massaging my Dick with her mouth, until I was stiff again.
I stood her up and bent her over the couch and had her spread her legs.
That phat bald pussy was staring me right in my face. I got on my knees behind her and kissed those pretty pussy lips, then licked them, then kissed them again, she tasted so sweet, she was so wet, I buried my face in her pussy, eating it like I was starved. Then I pulled back, and licked her from them tim of her clit, all the way to her tight little asshole, "OH SHIT, THAT FEELS SO FUCKING GOOD"
I stuck my tongue deep in her ass, savoring the taste, then back to her pussy, back and forth
"OH FUCK D I"M CUUUUUUUMING" and CUM She did she bucked and squirmed and collapsed over the sofa. I stood there smiling holding my hard Dick, looking at her as she struggles to say something.
"That.......was.....amazing" she said.
"OK D thanks a lot" Matt said "We really appreciate it"
"What the fuck" Shannon said" "He hasn't even fucked me yet"
If you weren't so awful in bed and small, he wouldn't be here doing what you're incapable of"
She walked over and asked me to carry her upstairs.
I picked her up and put her over my shoulder and did just that.
I could hear Matt walking behind us.
I dropped her on her back on the bed, she slid back.
I crawled onto the bed and and put her legs up onto my shoulders while looking her in the eye
"Wait she said as I started to enter he. MY Head penetrated her wet tight pussy, she gasped and put her hand on my chest. "Move your hand" It's Big she said I grabbed her hand and moved it, sliding deeper into her"OH FUCK" she said her eyes stretched out as she tried to slide back. I thrust all of it into her and I saw her eyes well up with tears, I could feel her pussy being stretched by my Girth.
Slow deep strokes, then I sped up. "You like this Dick? "I asked
"FUCK YES" she said "Tell me you like it"
"Your DICK , YES, YES"
Long deep strokes, punishing her pussy.
"LOOK AT MATT" I told her
"Tell him how deep I am"
She looked at Matt, who was looking like he wanted to cry,"OH SHIT, HE'S SO FUCKING DEEP.
I turned her over so I could fuck that pussy from the back.
"You came on my Dick" I told her, "Clean it off" Shen put me in her mouth and sucked me long and good.
"You like the way you pussy tastes?"
"Yes she said"
I started fucking her doggy style.
I wanted to feel her soft ass up against my abs,a dn I wanted Matt to see her face as I went deeper than he ever had.
I power fucked her, pulling her hair, then pulling her arms back as I beat her little pussy into submission.
"Can I nut i that pussy?" I asked
"NO DON"T" Matt begged
"YES" said Shannon
" BEG ME Bitch"
"Please D, Please cum in my PUSSY, GIMME ALL THAT CUM"
I felt her pussy tightening on my Dick, and then I Came
I released more cum than I think I ever had before, at least it felt that way.
She collapsed on the bed, and I could see my cum dripping from what was now her swollen pussy.
She told Matt"That's how I need to be fucked"
Matt looked at me and said" Well D, I guess that's it, see ya later"
"Don't go" she pleaded" "Spend the night, I wanna ride that Big Black Dick"
I had to be up early for work the next day, so I told her maybe another time.
I walked downstairs and got dressed, Matt followed me.
"How the fuck could you?" he said, "You asked me to fuck her"
"You didn't have to nut in her"
I said "You heard her, she begged me to"
"You made her"
"Whatever" I said
"See you next time"
Matt said" there's not going to be a next time"
I left and he slammed the door after me.
I felt bad kind of, because he had no idea that there would be nothing but "Next' times"
His wife had gotten some Black Dick, and now, she needed it, and even though we were friends I was going to give it to her whenever she wanted it.
She had gone Black, and she was never going Back.

Watch out for pt. 2