My neighbors wife ...

Roman Cassius

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She always winks and flirts whether he's with her or not. Finally one night I go out on my balcony and she eventually comes out herself right across the pathway in the next bldg in plain sight of my bldg. Long story short after a few glances, blown kisses and an intentional flash of her boobs. I stood up and pulled out my cock and started stroking it right there on the balcony. She had a sudden look of disbelief as my cock was getting harder and harder from the long slow strokes I was given it but after staring for a while she ran back in her apt. I thought I scared her off so I went back inside too. Moments later there's a knock at my door ands it's her. In tank and shorts no bra or panties I could tell. She's says do you want to release that load on me? I didn't even respond just took her hand and walked her inside. After a long blowjob and pounding her from behind she got on her knees and finished me off. Now she's on her balcony all the time! I know she's waiting for me to come out but I'm making her wait until she comes begging on her knees for more cock. There was even a note on my car the other day I know was from her ... Or either another neighbor who may have caught a glimpse of my cock in my hanging that day. image.jpg