My naughty slutty rap I made! what do yall think?

My dream girl isn't so simple like Shirley Temple. infact she's quite complex but she always makes me flex my good ship lollipop. Flop, pop into her devil food cake. Shake it and bake it until I ache all over. Drove her crazy with my candy bar. She screams for my icecream. It's godzila like manilla fold her into an oragami crane. Make her feel the pain. make it rain from Her eyes. believe my lies cause I'm so wise. want fries that fat booty. Yeah your such a cutie. Your beauty and I'm the beast.
Rap continuation!

Feast on my juicy steak. Bit by my rattle snake. While, I paddle and spank. I'll nail my plank deep inside you, yes it's true. Then squirting my goo all over you. I'm the flu, I'll infect you with the love bug. Give it a tug. Stretch it like armstrong. Make it long. I'm so wrong and your so right. Don't fight it or try to hide it, just ride it all night, you might as well. Watch it swell in size. Let me baptize you with my holy staff on behalf of Jhon the fapist. Now I set the trap, I bet you can't resist. I insist you show me the goods!