My most memorable partyparty

Here's my most memorable story.

It was with these to girls back in the day. Pic was taken just before the party started.
The one standing was married and her friend sitting was not but was engaged. They where both young ladys.
They where both away from home have I guess a girls trip because of the one getting married. Me and some friends met them in town and invited back to my place to party with us that night.

As you can guess, one thing lead to another, and we ending up fucking them. I ending ducking to engaged one first and cumming inside her first. I remember her hairy pussy was really tight. She was dripping wet but tight.
I'll always remember the moans coming from those two because we fucked them in the same room.

I'll see if I can dig up some old pics of that night with them.

Well that's my little story.