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My mom got "Striped naked" by a Black women

Why did this black women strip my mom naked for

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When I was 14 I remember there was word out that there was another women who liked my mom.
I had no Idea that she was sexually attracted to my mom and mom was not awear of this either.

My mom was married for 14 years to my dad and mom and dad had 2 kids of there own.

I was told throw friends that this women noticed mom when mom was walking home from the mall
a few times and she was goine to ask mom on what her age was and her intress was "men/women"
things like that.

Mom had showed no signs of being lesbian or had a lesbian sex drive before either.
Mom just acted like the normal every day mother who was out just trying to raise there childern.

This black women who was intressted in my mom said she wanted to get my mom in her basement apartment in her back room and get mom out of her clothes just to see what mom looked like with nothing on at all "Naked".

She confronted mom for sex 2 times both on the beach were mom often walked for her afternoon walk on most days.

She confronted mom this one day at the beach and mom looked at her as in "what the hell" and ran off when this black women put her hands on moms hipps and kissed her.

According to mom she said she wanted to take mom off the side and get mom out of her clothes
and handcuff moms hands behind her back and walk mom to the Tall grass and fuck mom with her friends looking out for others from seeing.

4 weeks latter that did happen on the beach.
Mom toke me and my sister to the beach around 8:30pm this same women was there
she was eyeing my mom from a distance and mom was sitting on our beach towel watching us.

Mom toke off to there washroom but when mom came back that's when thing's started.

Mom was in her Blue Jean shorts with her white tank top wearing her white sneakers
she noticed mom and started stairing at mom for long periods and finally she came over to mom.

Mom acted nervice in "Oh my god what do I do"
she sat next to mom and they were chatting and her friends came over
saying "Oh my god she's going to eat her up"

When her friends were crouded around mom.

I saw this women unzipping moms zipper to moms Jean shorts and undone moms bottons to moms White Tank top she brought moms Brest out in the open for a few mins "that shocked me"

Most likey because it was my mother with her chest being exposed to the open "boob's hanging out
and moms Jean shorts zipper being left open with this women spreading moms legs apart feeling
mom's legs and also feeling mom's vagina.

Soon after she slid her hand under moms under wear and started finguring mom for a good 2- 3 min mom started acting strange.

When mom was in a shocked mode on what was going on she toke off moms white tank top and lifted mom up and slid off moms Blue Jean shorts when she picked mom up side down mom slided right out of her Blue jean shorts.

This black women throw moms Tank top and her Jean shorts to her friends who was covering them from the out side.

Mom was standing infront of them in her Bra and under wear only.

When mom ran off from them this black women ran after mom and caught mom and mom feel in the sand and when mom fell she quikly toke moms White sneakers off and slid moms socks off moms feet also.

And when mom was not looking she quikly undone moms Bra I saw it cave in when the strap let go and her other friends quikly pulled mom's Under wear down and mom was standing there fully naked and her friends were looking at mom and she gave mom a towel to cover mom.

They toke mom to the High grass part at the beach and that is were she did mom at.

They were gone for a good hour and I did hear them.
I herd mom screaming out "Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh" "AH AH AH AH AH AH"

When I looked to see what was going on I saw this black women with a belt around her hipps with a purple long thing to it and I seen moms bum bouncing real fast off of this women hipps.

She rolles mom on her side still fucking mom she was licking moms feet and mom started
getting right off excited and told mom how cute mom looked naked.

At the end this black women had mom laying on her back with moms legs sperad open and I seen her head between moms legs she was eating my mom out none the less.

She she was done with mom she told mom what mom tasted like and told mom that she should do this more often.

But back then gay sex was there but it was more kept quite.
Not today you don't she's now 55 and she's over weight.
Back then mom was in her 30's and it was a worth wile to see.

When they got mom to the high grass part on the beach thats when they toke moms towel away on her and mom
was actully naked.

But that was back then.