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my little white ass

there is no way I can have a fake profile on Facebook with 920 friends! and a friend you can ask from my list there for my identity, he will confirm me! remember this - you can not have me 920 fake friends
and why are you attacking me because I'm small?
at least I do not restrict my profile as you.
I have naked pictures, right?
nude pictures are fake!
I'm only 18 and do not shoot still naked!


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Is really no proof, is just as easy to have a fake profile on Facebook as it is here! What about all the other sites where your pics actually come from???
That bit about where the pics actually came from is the proverbial 800 lb gorilla in the living room.

As an aside, the number of friends that a person has on Facebook is hardly an indication of how "real" somebody is. I would be willing to bet that Manti Te'o's "girlfriend" had a Facebook page, and people on Twitter can buy followers.
I have 2 other threads on this site, why they are not fake to you?
waiting for evidence of the other 2 threads ...
at least as you accuse me, prove it.
i'll waiting.....
well, I apologize for the tone to keep you! I have here three topics, this is my first topic and 8 pictures, 4 pictures are not mine, not so, but all other files - 25 in number are absolutely mine, if in doubt, prove it with facts! !
that I was wrong to put fake pictures 4 of 25 photos, it does not make me a fake one!
I live in such a country where there is no black people :( and quite accidentally in google found you and thank God for that ! ! !
I love black people, so I checked here and henceforth will only put no naked photos to prove that I am not a fake person!
Truth be proved by facts - 25 pictures of me, you find only 4 fake pictures.
when you find that other 21 my pictures are fake, then you talk that I'm a fake person!
okay ?
all black people with whom we spoke before, have lunches that I'm a real person!
why you let me talk to them, it's important that they trust me and not 1 or 2 of you!
thank you for listening, you're welcome
bye for now :rolleyes: