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My Life as a White Slave- fantasy story

My Life as a White Slave IMG_5033.JPG

On my hands and knees, pressed hard upon the marble floor of my blonde goddess’s mansion, I cleaned the marble floor. The panties of my french maid outfit painfully cutting into my testicles with every push and pull of my floor rag.

I wanted to do a good job. After all, now that I have paid for blond goddess to live in this mansion, it is only right that a sissy white cuckboi slave such as myself do his very best job for my Blond goddess.

As I was starting to see my reflection permeate from the marble floor, I felt a cold, yet tantalizing shiver go up my spine. I looked around the room, but saw nothing. I was alone, but then.....

It came in with the power of a lion. Black daddy’s hand came up from behind me, slamming into my large swollen sissy balls. After hitting me with such might, he immediately squeezed my balls, laughing as I hit the floor in pain. The pain was agonizing, I wanted to be able to breath again, I wanted to be able to move again, but most of all, I didn’t want him to stop.

“Ow, you’re hurting me,” I cried.

“ Shut the fuck up, you little bitch!”, yelled black daddy.

As I screamed in pain, I looked up to find blonde goddess walking into the kitchen from between the marble Corinthian columns.

Her natural blonde hair, blinding to the eyes, was up in braids. Her creamy white skin was as mesmerizing as it was clear; like that of the water in the purest reef of the sea. Her very large and powerful white hips, swaying as she walked over to me. I lay on the floor, shocked by her statuesque beauty as her heaving white breasts bounced with every rise and fall of her exalted, sensuous gait. As she stood next me, my face in the ground, she extended her long right leg and forced her big toe into my mouth. She looked down at me with disgust as she began to speak.

“ I guess you thought you’d have the house to yourself, didn’t you? Well, guess what? We decided to take out our frustrations on your little cuck pussy. I’ve had a rough day at the spa and need to de-stress. And black daddy is furious! He was just pulled over by a cop. You see, the cop was white and quite racist. He called black daddy a black man more than once and I know black daddy is rather impartial to that word. So to make up for the officer’s hate, we’re going to take it out on you! Doesn’t that sound like fun?”

“ I, uh..,” I struggled to find the words. I was petrified.

“What’s the consequence for not answering Blonde Goddess the first time she asks?,” She said, with the most demented and mischievous look in her eye.

“Punishment of the sissy”, I replied with regret.

“ That’s right! Good little, cucky!”she answered. Casting a gaze at my master, she spoke.

“Black daddy, would you do the honors?”

Black daddy looked at her and then looked at me.

“ It would be my pleasure!”, he replied.

In a flash, I was hoisted up, into the air as black daddy tightened his grip around my arms from behind, restraining my arms to my sides. I could feel his strong, large and lascivious black muscles crush my puny weak white arms. I started to hyperventilate. Partly from fear, partly from the anticipation of desire.

As I landed on my feet, still restrained, he kicked my ankles apart, forcing me to stand in a long standing splits position. Goosebumps ran down my skin as I broke out into a cold sweat. My heart pounding, my neck tingling, I was in his total control. And it was then that I felt it.

Pressed up against my full, round, thick sissy ass, I could feel his massive, pulsating cock. My mouth began to water. He then took his enormous black cock and stuck it between my legs, so that it was below my sissy dicklet.

“ Look down, white boi, this is the only way you’ll ever look down and see a big dick,” laughed Black daddy.

As she neared me, my sissy boi clit dangling in the wind, awaiting what is to happen next, I heard an unusual sound.

“Drip, drip, drip.” The sound filled the air as my blonde goddess pointed at my little cock, laughing uncontrollably. She struggled to catch her breath as she exploded with laughter.

“ Well, would you look at that. You’re starting to get a little pre cum going on there. And all it took was a massive black cock pressed up against your white boi pussy. You know what that means? You’ve graduated!

Tonight. Black daddy and I are going to complete your transformation from white boi to little black cock slut. Now we’re both going to be owned. Hey, that makes us like sisters! We can share panties and bras.. Oh, and we both get to pleasure and serve our black masters.”

Before I could speak back to her, my knees buckled and black daddy had to drag me up to standing again. As I rose, she looked at me, smiled and then ran at me.

Wham! A loud slap echoed through out the mansion as her gorgeous white foot can crashing into my pathetic white balls! I sagged in black daddy’s arms, struggling to stand as Blonde Goddess mocked in adulation of my pain. She walked over to me, embraced my face in her soft hands as she stared into my eyes and kissed me. Kissing me, she reached down and tugged my white boi balls. Piercing me with her menecing eyes, she looked into my soul and said, “your soul is mine, cucky. I own you.”

A feeling of inferiority and weakness washed over me as she deliver knees to my atrocious testicles. I began to grow weary, yet my erection grew larger and larger with each passing blow.

I have come to love my place as a BBC cuckold slave.

“ Turn around you faggot!” ordered black daddy. As I did, he punched me in the stomach dropping me to my knees.

“Get his cock nice and wet for me, sissy boi! I want it to slip right in!, mocked Blonde Goddess.

“ OPEN UP, YOU FUCKING CRACKER SLUT! YOU’RE MY PROPERTY NOW!” exclaimed Black daddy in triumph.

As I opened my mouth, his monstrous black cock entered my mouth, paralyzing me with euphoria. My eyes watered, my legs trembled, my heart pounded out of my chest, as the inner slut in me came out. I swallowed black daddy’s cock to far down my puny white throat, I started to pass out from lack of oxygen.

I just keep gagging and gagging as I worshiped my black god’s glorious penis. I was captivated by every line in his skin and every vain that gave the life blood of my new best friend.

“ Enough!”, exclaimed my Blonde Goddess as she threw me across the room. “ Save some for me, you fucking queer.”

As I recovered from my tossing, I could see them, copulating in pure heavenly glory. Her long blonde braids being unraveled with each powerful thrust of black cock. His massive black hands grabbing around the waist of what used to be mine, as he ravaged my white goddess into ecstasy. Her large phat white ass, vibrating in psychedelic fashion from the wripples of the black mans superior cock doing the only right thing and owning my white goddess.

“Oh my god, I’m going to cum!” screamed my Blonde goddess. “Get over here, you black cock slut!”

I threw myself before her, lying on my back, mouth wide open. I know my role and I love it!

She was released from the mighty black schlong and ran over to me, squatting over my mouth as she unloaded the most massive, robust squirt of cum ever to grace this earth. And the best part is, it was all in my mouth and all mine to swallow!

I swallowed with pride, fulfilling my rightful place as a white boi cuckold.

After she caught her breath, she snapped her fingers, and up I went. Black daddy threw me over the mahogany dinning room table, my cock dangling down; hard, stiff and all theirs to do with as they please.

My blonde goddess bent over the other side of the table, looked me in the eyes and said, “ Welcome to womanhood, my little sister!”

Bam! In it went. His powerful 18 inch black dick filling up every bit of my tiny white sissy asshole. It was clear, from then on, I had no ass. Only my white boi pussy.

Black daddy wouldn’t stop, he was relentless! As much pain as I was in, I could scream for him to stop. My inner slut just wouldn’t allow it!

“You want me to stop, bitch?” yelled black daddy.

Looking back at my black daddy, my master, my god, I stared at him with nothing but worship and adoration and cried out!

“ Never! I’m yours! I live to serve you, oh great and powerful black master! You are superior to all men and I, a pathetic white boi, shall serve your massive dominant cock and my elegant white Blonde goddess in this life and the next.”

“Never again will I be free, never again will I ignore the power of black cock. I give my life and my wife to you, oh great black lord. Force me to serve you! Beat me when you desire, fuck me when you need me. Allow my Blonde goddess access to torture me!”

“Blonde goddess, if you so wish, beat me until you cum! Invite all you friends to punish and humiliate me! Bring as many black men over to me as you can, for I have been a fool to think that superior black cocks needn’t service from an inferior black cock slut, such as myself!”

“Please, I beg of you; allow me to fulfill my destiny!”

“So be it!”, yelled blonde goddess.

As she finished her sentence, black daddy pulled his massive cock out of my tiny ass and shoved me to my knees, only this time, there wasn’t a hint of resistance. I looked up at black daddy’s eyes, smiled, kissed the head of his swollen cock, ran my tongue around the rim of his cock head and over the hole, where my prize was awaiting me, laughed with joyous glee and placed his mammoth cock into my mouth, hugging the bottom of his dick with my quivering, watering tongue.

“ And now,” cheered Blonde Goddess, “ with the swallowing of the holy black cum, you shall forever be known as and treated as a sissy big black cock slut! No longer can you “claim” to be a man. You know now you are nothing but a worthless slut! Proceed!”

“AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!”, cried black daddy as his colossal ebony cock rattled around in my mouth as his black cum went spewing down my throat!

I swallowed every last drop. I licked his cock clean and laid there on the floor, covered in hot sticky black cum, moist tasty glistening white woman’s squirt all over my face. My Blonde goddess, forcefully sitting on my pain stricken swollen balls with her massive white ass pushing painfully against me.

“Stand on your head, in pile driver position.”, she said.

As I did, she shoved a gargantuan black strap on dildo up my ass as she began to fuck me and jerk me off. I opened my mouth, had the best orgasm of my life and swallowed every last drop!

She then grabbed me by the balls and threw me on my back, upon the kitchen table.

With her between my legs, thrusting her black strap on up my ass, black daddy stood over my head, resting his titanic black gift from god on my smiling white face. He held my head back, shoved his Big Black Cock into my willing throat and gave me the joy all white men should feel at least once!

There I was, tag teamed and dominated by my Blonde Goddess, my life, my dreams and my Black Master, my owner, my god, my savior.

Knowing I would soon pass out from pure ecstasy, I let go. I wondered if they would stop fucking me once I lost conscientiousness.

I hope to god they won’t!