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    Even though it was my idea and it took a lot of convincing to get my wife to go along with it, it was still a stomach wrenching sight to see another man finally slide his cock deep into her wet pussy. They had started off with just some touching and kissing but soon they became excited and clothes came off and my wife began making love to this big, black stud we had recently met. She kissed him passionately as he moved between her legs and rubbed her swollen clit with his thick cockhead. She reached down and guided him into her waiting slit and in he slid, even though he was much bigger than thicker than me. She had no trouble accommodating his big hunk of manhood and now I watched as they fucked passionately. I could tell she was going to cum soon after they began and cum she did. I've never heard her moan like that when I fuck her. She was loving every thrust of his cock and didn't mind letting me know it. The room had the distinct odor of sex and I could hear the sounds of their bodies slipping and slapping together and his cock inside her pussy. Finally he buried himself all the way inside her and came with a loud grunt, filling my wife with his big load. They lay there for a while recovering from the hottest sex I'm sure they'd had in a long time. There it was - my fantasy finally fulfilled, but now I wasn't sure it I like it or not. How was my wife ever going to be satisfied after that onslaught? Well at least it was over. Or was it? I heard my wfe say, "that was amazing, kiss me baby, I want to do it again. And with that she reached down and began slowly rubbing his big cock.

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    if any bbc lives in texas and likes this, lets see if we can talk my wife into it. see #124 on the milf section for what she looks like. don't know if thats her, but it looks like her.
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    Like you .. it was a long held fantasy of mine to watch my wife take a BBC!

    Eventually she would and did completely fulfill that fantasy ... and then some! We've posted a review of that event in the "Interracial Story Section" on this site if you're interested! Again, like you, as a fantasy everything and anything was always a "go for it .. no holds barred thing!" Fantasies really don't matter. What harm can a fantasy do, eh?

    However when it took on reality, I initially became unsure of letting things progress to the point where my old university roommate & friend, who happens to be black, Edwin, would be getting into her! At that point however I was too horny, too excited, too curious and totally unable to stop it! Even if I had wanted too, at that point it was out of my hands completely. Combined with being totally and completely mesmerized by what was going on in front of me, my wife and Edwin were too horny and rearing to go that they didn't give a damn about my presence! They probably would have had thrown me out of the room had I interfered anyway!

    What turned me on and what were the highlights of that event (in no particular order):
    • The the sight and size of Edwin's massive black 12 inch cock.
    • The sight and smell of my wife's swollen wanton wet pussy.
    • His blackness against the whiteness of her sun tanned body.
    • The sounds of passion from them both.
    • The air sucking sounds of his cock pounding her beautiful filled pussy after he had stretched it enough to accommodate his BBC.
    • The sight of Edwin initially placing himself between my wife's legs on his knees, her knees bent so as to assist and position her pussy so Edwin could have total access his massive BBC.
    • Edwin grasping her by her right hip with his left hand, holding his cock with the other as he bought it to her dripping wet pussy lips.
    • My wife attempting to pull away when Edwin's manhood first touched her wanton pussy. However Edwin was having nothing to do with that effort, held her more tightly and drove home the first of about 4 inches in her.
    • My wife's moans and as she yelled: "My God! He's in me! He's really in me-e-e!" Then her cries as he made her cum.
    • When Edwin first unloaded into her! He held her about the waist with both hands and shoved it in as far as he could and held her on his manhood as he let go a load of cum that she later described as feeling "Very Hot!"
    • The sight of the two of them taking their first time out. When Edwin unloaded, he lowered himself onto my wife, keeping that black monster of his still in her, they just laid there. Then I noticed that Edwin's cum was seeping out my wife's pussy all around his still stiff cock onto the bedsheets. It was just a beautiful sight to behold.
    All of this left me totally helpless! Did I totally enjoy it? You damn well better believe I did! Would we do it all over again! We can't wait for that to happen! However it has to be the right guy ... in the right place ... at the right time! Without all those elements present, it just won't happen!;)
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    She's definitely reluctant that first time. The only thing she knows then is that she's for sure breaking her marriage vows, even if you pushed her into it, and there's bound to be damage to your feelings toward her, and hers toward you. She has a vague notion that it might be pleasant if not fun.

    But once the Black man fucks her, she has new information. She KNOWS now that his look, and smell, and taste are not just pleasant, but delicious, delightful,... and that they make her orgasm like nothing before. She still worries about that marriage and about those feelings, so there may still be some reluctance, but when she remembers how the Black man can blow the top of her head off with orgasmic pleasure, everything is different.

    As her taste for Negro sex grows and develops, now her struggle becomes trying to 'act like she's reluctant' even as any real reluctance to fuck him dissolves.
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    Well I can attest to several points you make as someone "Who has been there! ... Done that!"

    In our case, when I initially bought up the subject of my wife doing a black guy, she found it somewhat repulsive! At least that's the impression she wanted me to have! She eventually came around and was as much a party to it as I was! From there, as they say, everything else was easy! This "breaking her marriage vows" , etc., for us at least, is just not the case! We wanted to do something, we did it, and we're happy we did! Edwin enjoyed it! My wife definitely enjoyed it and I am still enjoying it! In fact my wife and I look at the pictures and movies I took of her and Edwin going at it at least once a week! Especially the ones of that initial penetration by Edwin's monstrous big black cock as it stretched her swollen wonton wet pussy! That was simply an awesome sight to witness! Watching the look of excitement and passion on my wife's face, the sheer passion and determination of Edwin to sink that black monster of his into her hot wet swollen pussy cannot be described in any of the three languages that I speak! Then when she began that first of many orgasms and Edwin unloaded deep within her! WOW! That was the crowning glory! I would have had to been brain dead not to have enjoyed that sight! I still get a hard on just writing this about that event! It was simply "that great"!

    You are absolutely right right when you say, " She KNOWS now that his look, and smell, and taste are not just pleasant, but delicious, delightful,... and that they make her orgasm like nothing before" (I copied and pasted your statement)

    Stating as you have about her marriage, that may be your feelings .. it definitely not hers or mine! We are both very confident of where we are, what we are about and what our feelings are for each other! It's just that we have been able to move another step up that "path of pleasure!"