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My hubby wants to try a black woman.

The second time I had sex was with a black lady. She was the daughter of the lady that worked for us. Looking after us and domestic duties. I will never forget the feeling of her pubes.

fastforward a few years when my wife and I we heavy into swinging , we met a black lady and white hubby combo and this girl was awesome. She was petite with big fat pussylips that ha a life of their own.
Got her and both her sisters. Blacks girls really enjoy their sex life and made many fantasies come true
My hubby just ask me if it was OK if we could find him a black woman to break his black cherry. I told him it was fine with me. Just to let you girls know if there are any of you intrestes he is small but has a tongue and he's knows how to use it very well :)
Ask him what he thinks of Mary. I might be able to arrange it but it would cost. I get you Tracey :)

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If a single Black Girls is as hard to hook up with as Black cpls good luck. When my husband and I entered the scene we agreed to only hook up with couples .It took over a year to meet 3 cpls. I wanted alot more Black cock than that So we started doing 3 ways