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    I am usually a shy guy but am trying to expand my boundaries. So I Met a guy online We flirted and chatted back and forth. I told him I wanted a black guy to make me his SLUT. We finally had a date today for me to suck his cock while he watched a football game. I spent all day thinking about what to wear and fantasized about what would go on. I didn't realize how big of a slut I was for a black dick in my mouth. It was all I could think about all morning. Having that big juicy dark meat in my hot, wet mouth. I hoped he would make me his slut. I finally decided to wear my pink thong panties. some tight low cut jeans to show off the thong. I worked up the nerve and gave him a call, he told me to come over. When I got to his house, he answered the door in tight briefs and a t-shirt holding a beer. He was cute but my eyes immediately started staring at his cock. It was big. he grabbed me by the hand and guided me to the living room. He asked me if I really wanted to do everything we had talked about. Which I replied yes. Next thing i know he grabbed the back of my head pushed me to my knees, I opened my mouth wide and he filled it with his cock. I could feel it getting bigger in my mouth, every time i moved my mouth it got harder and longer. He would pull it out and slap my face with his massive tool. Within a minute I only had half of his cock in my mouth and was struggling to fit it all. He had to have at least a 12 inch cock. He then pulled my head closer to him pushing his dick down my throat moving back and forth. That's a good little slut he said. I will train you to suck this dick good. After about 10 mins he sat down on the couch and told me to take my clothes off. As I took my pants off he saw my pink thong and told me to leave it on. I sucked his cock and balls for an hour kneeling in front of him while he watched his game. servicing his cock licking all his pre cum. Then it happened! He grabbed my head again and started to throat fuck me. Faster and faster until his moan was unmistakable. He was about to cum, He pulled his dick out of my throat and mouth and started to fill my mouth and face with his hot sticky cum. I sucked him dry and wiped my face clean. I bent over to pick up my clothes and he walked up behind me. He said where are you going? I could feel his big cock rubbing on my ass. I quickly knew I was not done. I felt every inch as he pushed and stretched my ass wide open. He took it easy at first.( I have been fucked before but never with anything that big.) After about 5 mins My eyes were watering and his cock pounding deeper in my ass no longer going easy. I scream and moan, it hurts but I dont protest, I just let him pound my ass. I could feel every pulse of his hard cock on my asshole he began to moan as he started to pull ot of my tight hole i could feel his hot cream all over my ass. He then had me suck him clean and sent me home. I felt like such a slut. We have a play time next Sunday.
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    I love hereing any girl fucking BBC, keep going...