My hot Asian wife is curious to try black but hesitant to take that first step...

Do you think a husband who wants to watch his wife to suck & fuck big black cocks is a pervert?

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i can understand why. the idea excites me too. besides, you would be good to look at no matter what you were doing but even more so with a sexy cock in your mouth. such a sexy avatar!
thank you. the avatar was soon after we just met, before kids and when she was skinny (5'2 and 96 lbs). now she is a little older, has had kids, a boob job... and the other pics i posted of her are more representative of her size now (about 5'2 108). still petite but she thinks she can handle some big black cocks (yes, we have talked about altho so far she has declined to do it). are we allowed to exchange pics, emails, etc... here?