My gym fit wife and her new personnel trainer

My wife and I have been married for 15 years and she is a true 38 year old milf, she has been attending the same gym for about ten years with not much happening other than the occasional guy chatting her up, she has a super slim size 8 figure and is very tone afterv5 days a week going to our local gym. One day she came home and said that a new PT had been employed call Tyrone he was the youngest by far at only 27 years old as the gym was in th email for mostly older members.

Over a period of the next few months I notice Jane wearing some new and more sexy looking gym gear although I did not mind or give it much thought, she said that her new PT was young and a fit nice guy but not much more was said.

It was in September that the gym had their annual charity event which was held in the gym with all the staff and a number of the memebers asked to help out by manning tools to raise money, my wife had attending and helped out on the past few events and so it was no suprise when she said she would be helping out once more. I was away with work on the build up to the charity evening however, Jane had asked me to drop in on the way home and show my support by buying a ticket and anything else I was minded to buy when there.

I arrived later than I anticipated and when I arrived at the gym the evening was in full swing with around two hundred people busy in the main area, at one end I could see from a distance my wife helping out on one of the many stools. As I walked closer I could see her talking to a group of thre young black guys, she look fab in a pair of tight white jeans, high heels and a little pink top and a full face of make up and her brunet hair done specially. Just as I arrived at her stool her friend call her to help out and she said to me, Richard I’ll be back let me just help Sue grab a drink and just mingle. I stood at her stool and as I did I turned and saw the three young black guys chatting and having a laugh , then I could hear one say to the others, yeh she’s the hot babe of the gym, I train her five mornings a week, her old mans got a big job in the city and she’s has everything she wants, as I stopped to listen in, one of the other guys said, when is she going get what she really needs Tyron? At this point I immediately realised this was janes personnel training who was also helping out at the event which I recall her saying. Well I bet you bros she will be getting what she really needs For Christmas and it won’t be from her old man. At this point one of the other blacks guys said, well don’t forget us man, she looks hot and we can all help spoil her with our gifts. Tyrone replied, man I going to have her begging for more by the end of the year and she won’t want any white guy after that.

At this point I was looking directly at the three of these black guys and they were all stairing at Jane with a smile on their faces. I was shocked and at the same time, pleased that Jane was still able to attract young guys who feel she is so sexy and attractive.

The following day I speak to jame and said that I enjoyed the evening and that I had bumped into her new PT Tyrone, oh what did you think of him she said, well he’s ok although I was more interested to hear what he thought of you I said. Oh what do you mean, I chuckled and said oh nothing. Come on what did he say, well let’s just say I think he likes you as his star pupil! With that Jane smiled and said nothing more although I could tell immediately that she was aware Tyrone had began trying to chat her up.

Over the next couple of weeks I noticed James gym gear getting a little more sexy in looks and choice and one day I teased her by saying, wow you look great I bet Tyrone loves that outfit to which Jane replied, well I don’t know about that and I don’t care, I replied. As time went on I began to tease her and mention Tyrone and eventually I explained what I had overhear in the gym to which Jane said , that s silly and just three guys messing about, I am sure they say that sort of thing about a number of the women there. Occasionally I would tease Jane more and more about her new PT and that he was running out of time as it was late November and he had made a bet with his friends about his intention for Jane by christamas, Jane just smiled and said don’t be so silly, although I could tell she liked the attention.

One day Jane called me at work saying the gym had been flooded and that the boss had to close it for a few weeks whilst the work of replacing the floors etc was done, she was not happy and said that she would need to use our gym at home and would lit be ok for Tyrone to train her there. I said yes without thinking and then it wasn’t until I was driving home I realised this may just be ideal for Tyrone.

The following day Jane arranged for Tyrone to come over at about 5 pm and to train her, I arrived home at 6pm as usual and just as I arrived Jane and Tyrone were finishing her workout and then Jane introduced me to Tyrone for the first time as until now he did not know I was James husband. I could tell he was very taken with my wife and he made it obvious he fancied her. We met shoot hands and he said hi, he had clearly not remembered me from the evening at the gym.

One day when I arrived home Jane had finished her training and Tyrone was packing up to leave when Jane turned to me and said that Tyrone needed a lift home and would I be a darling and drop him home, I agreed and we were soon alone in the car. Wow she a lovey woman man you are ssomluch, he said, yes thanks I guess I am I replied. I bet you get lost of guys trying to chat her up don’t you, yes a bit I said and then he asked , do you guys swing? Wow that was a direct question I was notbpre-ared for, urrrr well we haven’t so far I said not , well if you need any help of fancy giving it a go let me know. The cheeky bastard I though , I doped Tyrone off and headed for home . Later that nigh when in bed I told Jane about the offer from Tyrone to which she replied, he’s just winding you up and testing you he’s a young fit good looking guys that all. Sound like you like to sound of that , I said, not at all I’m just saying he’s young. With that she’s turned over and went off the sleep. I was however a little turned on by the idea that this fit young black guy wanted my wife and I had been thinking up all sorts of scenarios on how Jane might deal with his advances.

A week or so later Jane said Tyrone was ccoming over to train her, I arrived home and as I d did jame arrived in a tight Lycra outfit from up stair saying Tyrone was in the shower and when she offered to pay his fuel he refused , Jane was unhappy and wanted to pay him something , I then joked and said, we way don’t you give him a blow job instead, as I did Jane looks at me and said don’t be so stupid and mess about , he cannot afford to come all the way over to us without us paying for his fuel, at which I replied, I know what he’d rather settle for. I was just teasing her at this point however, she turned and looked at me and said, ok if that what you suggest let me ask. To my horror jame walked off back to our bedroom where Tyrone has just finished getting a shower, after a few minuets I could her them talking softly and then it stopped.

I waited a while and still nothing, I decided to find out what was happening and so I crept upstairs to the door of our bedroom when I looked in the door which was slightly open, I could see and kneeing then as I looked further in I saw Tyrone with his black hand on her head and then finally his black cock in my wives mouth, she was actually blowing him off in our house!

I stood there on the landing silent and stunned.

Although shocked at first I could not help but being turned on watching my sexy looking wife sucking on the full length of Tyrone back monster cock, she was holding his balls and sucking like I have never experienced from her. I was glued and could not stop looking and getting harder myself as she was enjoying Tyrone back cock so much. After what seemed to be an age, he held her head and let out a grunt and I can only assume he shot his load into her mouth, Jane gagged for a moment then looked up with his cock in her mouth and looks at Tyrone.

As he pulled away she looked at the door for a moment and there she saw me staring at her, to my complete surprise she simply wiped the last drops of his seed off her chin and smiled at me as if to say, see I told you so!

Tyrone soon left and for the rest of the evening we did not speak until the next day when I arrived home Jane asked if I was made at her and if I was upset, I said no I was not although she kept asking if I was ok, after a time I said, I was 100% happy about it and there was no need to worry hersel. She appeared unsure on what I had said and so I finally said, look I actually got hard watching so don’t worry.

This must have left her thinking only a few weeks later Jane asked if would be ok if Tyrone came over in the evening to see her and maybe for dinner, I said that it was fine and I would be home in time. When the day came Jane had spent much of the afternoon preparing the meal and getting the house ready, she was bathed and hair done as usual for one of our dinner parties although she did not get dressed until just before Tyrone arrive. As the door bell rang she called out for me to get the door, it was Tyrone , hi how are you he said as we went into the lounge and made small talk. A few minuets later my wife appeared dressed and ready to entertain wow, what an outfit Tyrone commented , I too was taken back by how sexy Jane was looking, she had a New very short black dress on , high patent black killer heels and seamed nylons, all new to me.

As I was sent off to get drinks for Tyrone and my wife I could hear Tyrone say, you look hot babe, how about we play for real tonight.

We had dinner and during the meal Jane sat next to Tyrone and the flirting between then got more and more as the evening went on. Finally, Jane came up to me as I was washing the dishes and said, he wants me to blow him, are you ok with that, I said nothing and just nodded. She immediately turned away and headed back to the living room, I waited a few minutes and then walked into the hall where I could see Tyrone had dropped his pants and was showing off his erect 9.5 inch cock, Jane was standing next to him, he had his hand up her dress which by now was showing off her seemed stocking tops and suspenders, wow she had great legs and was super fit.

To be continued
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