My Girls Fuck List


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Ok the first guy I fucked had a big dick but I wouldn't be turned on by him anymore,
the 2nd was marlons big jamaican dick but I think he's too much of a goody goody to fuck an engaged girl,
the 3rd guy was a big black guy and I really enjoyed that but he's married now,
the 4th was Puerto Rican and I'd like to forget him super wack lol the
5th was my ex and he's a scumbag so he prolly would do it but that wouldn't be a good idea I dnt like him so no,
the 6th was this half and half guy and he had a weird dick but he was a super freak and I really fucked him to get back at this girl for fucking the 3rd guy on my list and turned out liking his freaky shit and kept on but he's kinda chubby now so no,
the 7th was the Englishman and u dnt even want me to see him so no lol, the
8th was this dude from Brooklyn and he wasn't so good in bed and he wanted me to like love him so no, the 9th was my ex's best friend and he had a nice dick but I dnt know where or what he's up to,
the 10th was this Spanish kid and we fucked twice after the clubs but he's married I think ,
the 11th was the biker he had a fat white veiny dick and he loved getting his dick sucked and hitting it like u hit it but I haven't spoke to him in mad long,

this is where I start forgetting cuz I was a slut haha

the 12th was this Dominican new paltz college kid and he was good but we only fucked once after the bar and never even hung out,
the 13th was this crazy stalker who was too in love with me I think he would fuck and murder me if he had the chance,
the 14th and 15th were two black southern guys down in savannah the first one we fucked a couple times and he had a decent dick but he's far, the sex was aight and the 2nd tried to sweet talk me and I was like come on let's just fuck hard and that was awesome he hit it every way and it was mad good but he's far too,
the 16th was a Cuban security guard in Miami and we fucked on the beach I dnt have his number or anything,
the 17th was the fat dickdd Italian I fuckdd him the next day in Miami in a sauna shower type place that was awesome he couldn't speak English but he came all in my mouth,
the 18th was this half Cuban half Asian surprisingly nice dick and we fucked on the beach in Miami too he's the one who had a twin but he got me instead of his brother and he ate my pussy then fucked me but pulled out and fucked my mouth before he came (I was a super slut in 3 days),
the 19th was the dude I sucked his dick in the cab I told u about and he got weird I wouldn't wanna fuck him again,
the 20th is the guy u see in the video

and then lucky number 21 you my love the best of all with the most perfect fat white cock a girl like me could ask for NOT!!!!!! hahaha