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my girlfriend's love for black guys

my fiance is very flirty with them and acts like a "ghetto girl" it makes me uncomfortable always being around large groups of black guys but she's always talking to them and that's who she likes hanging out with. her and i rarely have sex anymore and she gives a black guy she works with a ride home from work almost every night. she lives with me and i help pay her bills.. we almost never have sex and i'm always hanging out with her at mostly black get togethers. i think i was made a cuck without knowing it. here are a few pictures of her, she's not a model or anything but with her personality she gets quite a bit of attention DSC07628.JPG DSC07622.JPG DSC07614.JPG
She's definetely is getting some cock somewhere. You should tell her it's ok and to tell you if you are already a cuck. I bet you will find out and let us all know its true. Maybe she has even taken some pics she will show you. Does she ever tell you she is tired and doesn't want sex. If so she probably already got it from the BBC she takes home.