My girlfriend is meeting with her first black bull tonight....

Hey there! Thanks for your reply guys.

Ok so damn

So basically it didnt happen last night. Really really bummed out. I feel like when we are having sex and fantasizing about it shes such a little freak but last night she got cold feet or something.

The dude she is supposed to be with is a super nice guy and not thuggish at all (which was a requirement) haha. Anyways, he is packing 9 1/2 inches.

Im just gonna be loving and supportive even though she chickened out but boy am i bummed.

Any thoughts or suggestions?
She said she was tired because of a stressful day at work. I have been letting them text all day but I dont think she is responding to it as good as I hoped.
Hey Dexter. Thanks for your reply. That sounds like a great suggestion but to be honest I dont know what is wrong with the current bull. He's jacked, hung, and well mannered.
I sent you an email. He may not be the problem. I have had a similar situation in Cincinnati 3 summers ago. After a long time chatting, exchanging photos and video clips. A date was set. I got the room and called her. She was in a panic saying '"She could not go through with it" To this day we have not met!
Blindfolded! That's a great idea....we have talked about that before, and I definitely wouldnt mind watching ;) .....if we went that route i would probably go with an older and maybe slightly bigger guy. I would love to see her be totally submissive to an older, tall black stud. I am in college and sometimes I can't take her out as much as I would like so to have someone fill that gap and on top of that give her some good deep dick that I never would be awesome....