My girl is ready for bbc after her first bwc

Should this concern me?

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It finally happened. She finally fucked a huge cock and got him to film it for me and she looks so hot on camera. She said me she told him to keep fucking her through the pain and he definitely did. She is still sore. She also really enjoyed the whole experience and told me that she is excited to try again and that she loves being a slut for me. Apparently the guy we picked did not understand about my wanting to share her and she just told him why be jealous lol
it was a great experience for everybody involved and I'm really excited to try this more and turn my girl into the biggest slut ever.
I also told her that she can hook up with the guy any time she wants and I think they have been talking but she wont tell me directly. Also she underplayed how much she loved his big thick cock, when i saw the vids I was kinda shocked because all she said at first was "It hurt so bad but I did have fun" and then I saw the vids and she is literally screaming and cumming all over his cock and kept complementing the size while she was sucking it.
Should this concern me?
Also, still really looking for 1 or 2 really reliable thick cock guys in the VA area for 1 on 1's with her soon, lets make plans before we have to resort to craigslist again.
Here's a pic of her getting fucked by this thick BWC 12202126_10153045816885807_33778235_n.jpg