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My gf needs a bf


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I have had a really hard time trying to figure all this out. I jerk off way more than I fuck my girlfriend and she is hot and I can get her to do anything I want but I would almost rather jerk off to cuckold porn. What is up with this? Does anybody else have the same problem? When I do fuck her its great but I cant ever get my mind off another guy fucking her. Its a really difficult thing for me to talk to her about because she has told me several times that I'm the best shes ever had, for some reason I just dont want to hear that anymore. What to do and where to go from here?


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First have some honesty in your perspective, don't rush into something when you haven't fully thought it over. Ask yourself what you want, and what you want to see happen to her. Done with that, ask yourself why you want it to happen and what sort of pleasures it will give you. Will it be good for her, too? Will it bring you both together, or break you both?

A lot of questions, yes, but you need to do some soul-searching first before taking a decision.