my gf finally tried it!

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The next day she invited my over to tell me her story. She told me she wanted to get over her hangup she was having about black guys. so that previous night at one of the clubs she made an effort to flirt and hang out with a few black guys. she went on the tell me she got pretty drunk and ended up going back to the room of one of these guys. she said she the next thing she knew her cloths were off and she was sucking this guys big black cock and then getting her pussy eaten and fucked. she then said she didn't really know how much time had passed but she opened her eyes and one of the other black guys that was in the club was now standing in room watching. the next thing she said happened is he walked over in front of her face dropped his pants and pulled out his big cock inches just from her mouth. she told me at the point she just decided, what the hell, and had these black guys fuck her every which way for hours until the morning when she got a cab back to her hotel.

the story was a huge turn on for me to hear and she was getting turned on telling it. I told her i had to check out her pussy and fuck her as well. she liked that i was inspecting her pussy and it might have been my imagination but i will swear that she must have been fucked really good by some pretty big cocks as her pussy seemed a little stretched out and looked puffy and abused! christmas07052.jpg