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my friends facebook conversation with her bf...shes very bbc curious.

Lol one of my best friends' black man curiosity is taking its toll... she's been asking her man of 2 years to let her try some...it hasnt helped that me and a few other girls keep talking about our black guy obsession around her. Tbh i always advise girls to try it if they havnt. This is her convo. The last bit says someone is going to come round to her apartment on Friday night....and she's not joking. Its actually some people, lol, arranged by me so I'll be there too :p IMG_20131217_132026.jpg IMG_20131217_132302.jpg
So is blackening a white dick the same as black face? I love weird shit but I never heard of that, he could just put on a black condom if they are going for contrast. What she needs to explain to her man is its not the, it's the ethic experience she wants to experience