My First White Wife

Read my true story below;

I'm a 29 year old black man, I grew up in rural area, and live today in the city. I live with my beautiful wife, and one son about to turn 3, .

I've been what some people call a Bull, I like white pussy, I especially like to fuck white, married women. Cheating wives that?s out to get a good fuck while hubby?s busy making a buck,. Even better, I like fucking them right in front of their husbands. Having them scream from getting a big cock, fucking that hubby can't give them. And I've came across lots of white married guys, that wants this to happen, and I'm glad to help them out. I can't count just how many wives I've done, My first time was when I was still in high school. After that I found how easy getting white pussy was, I've became quite good at the game. and even made money doing what I like best. I own several properties, rental apartments, And a nite club. So, I don't have a 9 to 5 job, I work ( and play ) when I want to.

Here's a story about my first white woman experience, Like I said, I've got more stories that needs told. If you like reading this one, be sure to look for the second part when I take my friend back to give her a two on one.

I grew up on a farm, doing farm chores, playing sports, and swimming, so I developed a trim muscular body. All kids living on a farm, learns early about sex , and by high school, I'd had sex with a couple girls, both of then black girls. But white girls had my interest, I wondered about their body, how it would look and feel. Later when I found my first Playboy, I saw a nude woman's body, but still wondered about what the pussy would look like, and how it'd be to have sex with one.

My first introduction to the cuckold or wife used while hubby watches scene was when I was in high school, after ball practice one evening I started the walk home, when a car pulled along side me, the driver asked if I wanted to make a few bucks helping to move some furniture up from his basement. I took him up on it and got in the car. A couple miles out of town, he turns onto a old country road, then into a long gravel driveway. As he pulled along side the house, we was met at the side door by the wife. the husband, John, introduced me to her, calling me Jim, " JimBO ! " I corrected him, proud of my nickname, " Everybody calls me Jimbo." She laughed, saying my nickname. Joy was her name and I liked that name, I liked her. She was probably 10 years younger than the 40 something husband, nice looking, with shoulder length light red hair. She was wearing a loose fitting and short dress. She told him his mother had just called and needed him to come by, He seemed upset, cursed and said he forgot he was suppose to pick up her prescription. " I'll give her a call, You mind showing Jim the basement?" As he went inside, Joy, taking my hand, smiled happy as she walked me around the house to the steps leading down to a basement door. She was saying how I looked like a strong, healthy boy, and how they always was needing someone to do odd jobs around, like cutting grass, and stuff. In the basement, Joy pointed to the old wooden table and over sized reclining chair that needed to be carried upstairs., That was about all there was in the basement, except some boxes next to the chair, a big mirror leaning against a wall, and a sink and old refrigerator in the corner. I checked out the table, really big and heavy. The husband called from the top of the steps, then came down a few steps, and bent down to speak to me. " My mom's not gonna let me off the hook, I need to get her pills tonight, she says she?s out." He said it might be a while before he got back, and that I should wait for him to help move the heavy stuff. Then he said " Might not have time to get it done tonight, but I'll pay you for your trouble." Then turning to his wife he said "maybe you can find something else for him to do.while I'm gone", and he left.

When we heard the car start and back away, Joy looked to me, saying " hold on a sec". and ran up the steps. Lots of thoughts were running around in my head. I know today there's a black guy in the Whitehouse, Interracial marriages and such. But back then, things were different. A man didn't leave his white wife alone with a black teenage boy. A black man did little more than say "good day, Madam." to any white woman on the streets. But the flirty way she acted and how hot she was looking, had me thinking horny thoughts, wondering, could I score?... My thoughts were interrupted by her returning down the steps with a beer in each hand, and a big grin " Well, Jim booo," she said playing with the pronouncement of my name. " We're all alone. what s we gonna dooo. " I was afraid to say anything, for fear that I'd say what I was really wanting to do, and that was fuck her. When I didn't answer, she moved to the far end of the table, saying "what to do, what to do..." She sat one beer on the table and rolled the other one down the table to me. As I opened it, she started saying that I was a handsome guy, how strong I looked and sexy. I had to look up at her when she said "sexy", her eyes locked with mine as she slowly came around the table towards me. Acting overly sexy, swaying her hips and stroking her hand over the tabletop. Asking if I thought she was pretty, as she strutted along the table side, asking if I thought she was sexy, Then she was right against me, "do you wanna fuck me Jimmy?" Staring in those lovely green eyes, I could only nod. She reached a hand around my neck pulling my lips to hers and slid a tongue inside my mouth, giving me my first French kiss. as we kissed I felt her other hand touch my dick, she broke the kiss to say " Oh, nice big one, you gonna tear mama up with this" Her lips returned, grinding mine, as she slipped her hand under the waistband of my jogging pants. then squatting before me she pulled them down, my under briefs at the same time, letting my rock hard dick spring out. She took it, stroking and licking it. She said I had a "nice cock," Then sucked it into her mouth and gave me head. She worked it good, taking over half of it in her mouth, bobbing her head fast and making slopping noises. It felt so damn good, I hunched at her mouth, "Yes " she stopped for a second to say, "Fuck my mouth". I pressed her back till her head was against the table, then pressed more to put as much in her mouth as I could, when she gagged, I hunched my dick, fucking her mouth like she asked. she loved it.

After several minutes of sucking me, she stood and lifted the dress over her head, She wore no panties, Looking down I saw her light red curly hair barely hiding her fat pussy mound. She removed her bra to show perfect softball sized tits with light pink nipples. Then she lifted herself up on the edge of the table, laid back and spread her legs wide, showing her pink pussy lips, wet and gapping open. Her fingers spread them more and slid inside, "Come on Jimmy boy, Give me that big cock." I froze there, trying to decide what I should do. Here before me was what I'd dreamt of, but I worried. " Your husband ...?" came out of my mouth. " He'll be gone for a hour" she said, " Come on, Fuck me, I want you to fuck me Jimbo.." it sounded like begging and I couldn't refuse. I stepped between her open legs, she raised them, placing them over my shoulders. Pointed my throbbing hard on at her waiting pussy, I lunged over her, and into her. "Aww.. Oh baby." she moaned, as my hard dick enter half way. "yess" she said as I worked the rest into her hot pussy.. Her legs folded back to her breasts now as I used my arms to hold them there. Balancing myself on the table, I started fucking her faster. Her rear was hanging off the table, working to take me deeper. " Yeah.. Give it to me. Fuck me good." She grabbed me at my waist and slid even more off the table, humping up to fuck me back as she pulled me to her. "Slam that big fucking cock in me...Fuck me! Take meee" Now my dick is just over 8 1/2 inches, I guess it was then too, but she had no trouble taking it. I hit it deep them pulled out almost all the way and slammed it hard into her, hearing a spat when I hit it, and slurp as I drew back, she was sloppy wet. "Oh God !! fuck fuck me.. Ohh yess. " she was screaming, her face distorted, eyes clinched tight. " Awww.. tear me up... Fuck me, black man, fuck me. I let the slur go unnoticed, but rammed her even harder. " I'll fuck you. Fuck your white cunt !" I said before I thought about it. "Oh. Fuck yes, that's it...I'm i'm cumming !" she screamed out loudly, bucking her ass on my cock. " me too..aww" I said. she held me tight in her, saying " shoot it to be baby, give me your cum". I shot off in her, jerking deep as I shot 3 or 4 times.

Well, I had got my first white pussy. I was really excited, and her talking so sexy made it even more hotter. I got off pretty quick the first time, shooting her full of cum. She dripped cum as she went to a sink in the corner and wiped herself, then came back with another beer for me. I sat down in the chair, drinking the cold beer as she teased me with her body, leaning back on the table, fingering her just fucked pussy. Then playing with my dick while she talked about how she liked getting fucked by black cocks, how slutty she was. She sucked me 'till I was hard again and I fucked her in the chair, She first climbed on me and rode my cock. Then she had me get up so she could arrange the chair. She locked it in position, then climbed into it on her knees, her ass high, where I could get at her easy, and that was what she wanted, telling me to ram my black cock deep in her, to fuck her hard. Well I stood behind her plowing it to her like she told me to. I gave it to her hard as I could. While she said things like, ."Give it to me, like the whore I am." and " take my married cunt, take it. make me your whore. Your black cock loving whore." I came the second time. She turned in the chair and licked my soft dick clean, then said we better get straighten up for hubby's return.

After about 10 minutes we heard the car coming in the gravel driveway. The husband entered upstairs and called down to us, I followed Joy up the steps to meet him. He was all flushed, He said that we didn't have time to do the work, and would give me a ride back to town. In the car he handed me a $5 bill, saying "that's for your trouble, we'll have to finish the job later".. Driving back he seemed more nervous than I was, he kept glancing over at me, but saying nothing. When he pulled to the side, close to my home, he asked " So.. what did you think of Joy?" I answered, "Uh.. she's real nice lady." as I got out. " Thought you'd enjoy her.." he said pulling away.

The next day, I could hardly wait to tell my friend about what had happened. Leron was the only friend I had who'd been with a white girl, but he had more knowledge than I thought. As I told him what happened, he interrupted me at points, asking some odd questions. Then excited he said "man, you was tricked, he set you up." "What? how? ". I bet he was watching everything. " I thought back, uh.. the basement had windows, open windows, one over the chair, the other over the table, there was grass stains on his tan pants when he got back. Was he on his knees watching thru the windows? Her turning me, positioning, so I faced away from the windows, her looking over my shoulder towards the windows? And why did she go upstairs to get the first beer, when the fridge downstairs had beer ?? " But Why? " Hey, Whitie's crazy, they like that shit. " He told me about how his cousin that worked at a hotel in the big city got paid to fuck guys wives while they sat and watched it all. Damn I thought. Should have got the guy's phone number.


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