My first time with a black man...

It was about this time last year. Valentines day actually.
I was out with my friends, one of the girls was performing in a bar. I'd been in college for over a full semester of first year and never went home with a guy. But that was because I was so picky.
My first two sexual encounters had been with Irish guys, disappointing and very painful actually. (I was still very tight I guess). But it wasn't all about the pain, it was about the inattentiveness of them, little foreplay, they didn't even bother sliding their fingers into my underwear and stroking me. When they did penetrate they just seemed to bounce around on top like dying fish.

So I wasn't eager or up for sex, I'd never enjoyed it. So when he spotted me downstairs in the bar waiting for my friends and I felt his eyes on me, I didn't get all tingly like I do nowadays when an attractive black man is sizing me up and I know that they are.
I made nervous conversation with him for a while.

Later on in the night several men had bought me drinks and I was well on it. Intoxicated and now probably a little horny when he asked me to dance I obliged. We grinded against one another in front of everyone. There were other people dancing but from what I remember I don't think I noticed them, I think people may have moved out of the way to watch me grind on him and him roll his hips, running his hands all over my waste, hips and ass.

We began kissing, him stepping towards me as we kissed, pushing me back, in a stagger towards the wall, kissing me hard against the wall. I was so excited, I'd always admired black men. This guy was tall, well over six foot, muscular and had this gorgeous face with an open smile and deep dark eyes.

It was one of the best kisses I'd had in a while, there was so much hunger and need in it. Like he wanted to consume every inch of me, I think I felt the same about him.
When we did get back to his, the clearest thing I remember was how he ate me out, another first for me, his tongue ran up and down my pussy, he was gentle about it in the beginning, just little flicks of his tongue but he became more aggressive and sucked on my clit and licked more enthusiastically as I moaned loudly above him. I don't think I'd ever experiences so much pleasure before.
When he did put it in I remember the air leaving my lungs. He was only about six or seven inches, but even now when he and I fuck several other men later I still find him big. Although he insists he's not big.
I had never had such a deep fuck, but also he went slow and gentle really letting me enjoy being filled and some steady friction.

By about 5am he still wanted more but my body was in bits, we'd been at it for nearly four hours and I was still really nervous, the alcohol was wearing off and I was aware I was in a strange man's bed, somewhere in the city I wasn't familiar with.
He picked up on this and gave me an amazing full body massage, he used oil and eased all of the tension and fear out of me with his hands, he even did it with out making it sexual. He held me for about ten minutes after before he began working me for more pussy.

We did it one more time that night before falling asleep, I think I was screaming a little from how hard he fucked me, but it was amazing. My first ever enjoyable fuck, my first ever black man, my first ever lick out.

Is it any wonder he's still a favourite fuck buddy of mine? Or that I only want black men in my bed anymore?