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my first gb with my bull and his bbc friends

.I met my bull last Friday in vegas. I told my ol man that I was meeting some friends for the music festival, he said ok and have a good time. I met my bull at one of the biggest casino on the strip. He said to get a nice room which I did. I got into vegas around 3pm and I called him to tell him I was there. I went downstairs to give him a room key, I kissed him on his lips. I was glad to see him, the last time we were together he told me that I was ready to be a queen of spades. I want to make him happy. I must admit that I was very excited on the drive there. Just thinking about what was going tohappen to me in just a few hours. He told me to go get ready and come back to the lounge and he will be wwaiting with his bbc friends. I got dressed up for them as sexy as I could. Went down to the lounge where they were waiting for me. There they were 3 of my bulls friends, all looking as sexy as hell. Needless to say I was already wet when I got there. He introduced them to me, but I still can't remember their names, that's how excited I was. My bull pulled me close to him and said to me, thatI was ready for this, to be a fuckhole for all bbc. That really got my juices flowing. We sat down had a few drinks and there was a lot of touchy feely stuff going on. My bull pull up my leg and surprised me with a queen of spades stick on tattoo on my ankle. We decided to go to the room, andas soon as wwalked in my bull turns around and pushes me to my knees. He pulls his pants down and I start to give him a good blow job, he yells at me to do a good job while his friends watch. I did the best I could, it felt so good to please my bull in front of others. Then he stopped and pulled away he says to stand up and I did, one of the bbc grabs me and turns me around . He pulls up my short skirt and puts 3 fingers into. My wet pussy. I went wild at that point.