my first fuck with a white woman

I met a white woman who was living in Port Harcourt with her husband last year online. I told her I was based in kenya and she said after six months, the contract that her husband’s company was executing in Port Harcourt would be completed and they would move over to kenya. Meanwhile, we continued to chat online and sometimes, I would give her phone sex while she masturbated.

True to her words, six months later, they came to kenya. When she called me to inform me, I asked her if I could come over to her place. She said her husband was there and did I mind him watching. I said no. She described the place for me and I went to see her. It was my first time of seeing her life and I was pleased with what I saw. She was busty, curvy and really sexy.

So once there we began to kiss and rub our hand over each other. She was so wet when I moved my hand to her pussy. I moved down to her pussy and began to suck on her clit when I realized her husband was on his knees beside her.

This just made me even hornier. I told her I was ready to fuck her like her husband never had done. So I slid my hard cock into her very sweet wet pussy. After about 30 minutes I shot my load of hot cum deep inside her as her husband watched and stroked his cock.
After cumming inside her she took my hard cock into her mouth. After about another 30 minutes I shot loads of my hot cum into her again. Making her swallow every last drop. I asked her was I better than her husband and she just smiled. I noticed that her husband had shot his load all over the floor. She asked when we could do it again and I responded very soon.