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My first experiences with a black man

I was 17 years old and with my parents on vacation in the Caribbean. The first night we sat at the bar and my parents and I chatted with the bartender. His name was Jay.
I found him attractive, and what more than a little in love immediately. But by the flight but a little tired and went to my apartment. My parents were still at the bar and went on talking with the bartender. The next day, Jay flirted me immediately and he said, showing me that he was very nice and sexy like me and wanted more. I found it very well, it happened on the second night. I took Jay into my apartment and he showed me his determined and already hard way a black man handle a white woman. He was the first man I've blown and the first man I've tasted and swallowed his cum. His penis was the one who deflowered me anal and he showed me every day during our three weeks of vacation, as a black man educates a white woman. Not just once a day. I was his white whore in time.

But not only I was his whore, but also my mother. Mom and Dad had arranged it with him so that he could have not only me but also at the same time mom he had to do everything my parents tell what he did to me everything. And he had much to report. Also that he has gone directly from me to Mom and then did it with her, or came directly from Mom to me and then had sex with me. All the time without condoms always with both Mom and me.

For this holiday, I am excited about black men and their white whore.

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