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My first BBC

Started out because I agreed to watch a neighbors grandson for her while she was gone for about a week. He was 28 tall and just all around built but he had been in a coma most of his life and needed assistance with a lot still. His gramma paid me a lot and I agreed and at the time I never had a bbc.

What made it hard was although he had a mans body he had the mind of a 13 year old. Very first day we went to swim in the pool at the apartments and I must've turned him on because as the sun set and we were alone he began getting weird and dunking me then grinding his massive cock in between my legs. I got hot instantly and couldn't explain it! We left and walked back to the apartment and as I went into his room to change he barges in with his throbbing bbc hank gong out. I frooze.

He literally pushed me into the bed and as I grabbed his cock and put it into my mouth (I have no gag reflex) and deep throated it he went into beast mode flipped me on my stomach and just banged me silly face down ass up. I just remember him cumming in my pussy like 4 times but never getting soft just constantly fucking my white pussy. I already climaxed and felt like a rag doll.

The next morning I woke up next to him and as soon as he woke up he picked me up and sat me down on his bbc except I ended up swallowing his massive load that time. He still fucks me everyone and then when he wants it but yeah thanks for reading. Sorry if it's choppy vid had a couple too many drinks tonite ;)