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My feminization has begun...

Do you, as a cuckyboi, want your wife to feminize you?

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Myself and my girlfriend have discussed this but not in a permanent way, it would be just for fun between us. I like the pinky/purple thong btw.
yes..for fun between you 2..that's how it starts and then slowly progresses to become more and more and more. it's nice she is open to it. i'm sure you will find that soon you will be wearing panties everyday, maybe even stockings or pantyhose under your "regular" clothing.. and then graduate to putting on a sexy bra...then wearing it under your "regular' clothing. talk will turn more to the feminine side between you both. she may even take you for a pedicure..it's starting ..and you will enjoy it!
My wife/cuckoldress has decided that since i am no longer a man in any sense of the word, i am to be be feminized. I must always wear panties, she has ordered me to get my ears pierced, shop for womens clothing and such. How many of you cucks out there want your wife to fem you as well?
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I've been a feminized sissy cuck for 3 years now & I have had soo much fun! I would recommend it for any cuck.