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I fantasize about being eaten out by an older experienced black man who is so skilled in licking my pussy that he can make me cum over and over again non stop. My husband is standing nearby watching and playing with his hard cock. My lover then moves between my legs and pushes them apart. His cock is so big and powerful looking. I take hold of my husband's hand as I am taken by my black stud. He fills me so completely that I nearly pass out. Soon I can accommodate his thrusts and I squeeze my husband's hand tightly as I am fucked. I want him to tell me how amazing it looks, seeing me being taken by another man and how he wants to watch it for his own pleasure. Love it.

Had a ex girlfriend when I was 30 and a 17 male friend who I eventually had several 3somes with. I would hold her kiss her and suck her breasts while he gave her his 9 incher until he seeded her. I sucked him off sometimes too.


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In a few weeks my wife is invited to a scool reunion from her class 20 years ago. I know there will be guys i know she adore. I hope, and she know she's allowd to, she seduce a guy. I hope he will at least touch her between her legs when they got out off sight in a isolated area.
I will not be there, just sitting at home hoping she's horney and start to cuckold me with men after she already cucked me with woman.

If he touch her wet married pussy i hope he brings her home to !
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