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my fantasy...

which is - I've just finished work, gone for a few drinks with colleagues to wind down, chat to a few people in the bar, have a laugh, my colleagues have all slowly left, and before I realise I'm left on my own, feeling a bit tipsy and left chatting with a couple of blokes, I notice however that there are only blokes left in the bar, and they all seem to be bbcs! probably about 15-20, and all seem very close, and getting closer, not really in full control because of the drink I stand up to leave, there is suddenly 5/6 blokes very close in front of me, I'm barged a bit, then a hand grabs one of my breasts, I push away but it grabs again, another hand grabs the other breast, before I know it 3/4 hands are groping me, my blouse is quickly opened, i can feel my bra showing, the hands starting to slip in the bra, squeezing, I can't push away, I then feel my ass groped, hands are moving up my dress, too many hands, I can't stop them all, I can feel fingers now pushing and rubbing my knickers into my pussy, now hands are in my knickers, then i feel fingers enter me.

In a blink of an eye, I'm hoisted up and dropped onto a table, I can hear cheering, I'm struggling, but feel excited, my dress and knickers are removed quickly, my tits are out and exposed and I can feel loads of different hands grabbing them, my nipples are being squeezed hard, then sucked. i try to keep my legs together, but two men grab my ankles then spread and push back my legs wide open, as soon as i feel fresh air on my open pussy fingers dive in, lots of fingers - rubbing my clit, fingering me, I can see in the corner of my eye over 30 blokes now closing around me - cocks are starting to come out, what can I do?

Nothing - before I know it, my head is grabbed and a fat cock is forced in my mouth, he fucks my mouth and comes straight away, another cock replaces it, fingers are still rubbing my clit, but I now notice a cock forcing into me, i try to close my legs, but they are pulled apart again, I'm being fucked, hard and constant, the balls are banging against me, and can feel the hot splurt of cum in me, as the cock leaves another replaces it straight away, my mouth is being fucked the same way, all the time my tits are groped. Four or five cocks fuck me then it stops - I go to struggle, but I'm lifted up off the table, turned around and forced down on the floor, ass lifted up as cheers und again, i can feel the cum dribble from my pussy, I look up, there seems more men now, twice as many, old ones, fat ones, young, but all black - loads - my ass is grabbed hard by a couple of hands, spread apart, I can cheering again, then I feel several men spit into my ass and rub it in, I can feel a cock force its way in, I start to groan, more cheers, he fucks me harder and cums, pulls his cock out and slaps my ass as another replaces him, it goes on for 3 or 4 more cocks, they all feel so different, but only a third of the gang have had a go at me so far, I've stopped struggling now, try to double bluff my way free! I've started shouting out to them 'go on then fuck it, is that it? fuck it harder, all of you - fuck me - fill my holes' - I'm abrubtly shut up with a rock solid 12" black cock rammed in my mouth, my tits are grabbed again and I'm moved on my side, legs opened wide again and ass is still being pounded, cheering gets louder, I'm struggling to breath with the cock rammed down my throat, I can feel someones cum shoot on my face and then someone cums on my tits. It feels like everything is in slow motion - I can feel my pussy opening up and a cock pushes its way in, the cock in my ass starts to move out, then back in, as the cock in my pussy moves out - in a perfect motion two cocks go at me, thrusting in and out, the thrusts getting deeper and faster each time, more hot cum explodes in my mouth...

I never know how the fantasy ends, I always shudder and cum against the vibrator when I'm dp'd in the fantasy - but what a fantasy!


Real Person
oh yes, wud love to open that pussy up good. i want you to go to work in a skirt and no undies under today. and wait for me there and i will tell u what to do